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26-3-2016 XB2Scg running problem, M2 checking

1-5-2016 - 26-3-2016 XB2Scg running problem, M2 checking things, XB9S speed sensor , rear disk

XB12Scg bad running

to check first it need to run... rear one is working

but the front is not

so first check spark plug

yup that one is not working

new plugs in and the bike is running on bought jugs ... intake seal leak test ok

checking heat as a rough indictation how the bike runs

not much heat differance between front and rear

will first make a test ride, to see what is happening

very beutiful M2 brought in for some issues

really clean bike, build carefully and with taste ( off course personal opinion )

tail section off with 1 screw.. to reveal the custom made oil tank

it has a little pressure issue

something that irritate me right away, side stand stopper is gone , so now the side stand is hitting the brake caliper

stopper is gone... will fix this

the bike is spitting a little oil... cylinder breathers hose is dry

but the gearbox breather hose is wet.. i suspect the left crank seal is gone

ok checking.. as the customer brought the bike in because the oil light starting to flicker and burn.. cold start is ok ( first thing i asked as oil pump gear can be a issue )

and we have oil circulation back in the oil tank.. so pump works

after a few minutes the oil light starts to flicker

but when i though the oil pressure sensor it gouse out again, will check the oil pressure sensor

firs the pressure build up in the tank.. as the pressure sensor is to close by the headers , and i really don't want to burn my hands.. oil tank level seams a bit high to me

some one has put a mark on the oil tank , i asume the maker... the allen key is where the oil level is now, as you see above the return line , i will drain this to the marked level just below the return , and see how this will go

yep also to check and replace the choke cable, i need to check the jetting aswell , choke cable is broken

the oil pressure switch connecting feels really loose

cut it off and mount a eyelet

little heat shrink tube for the looks

and screw it with a little nut and washer to the pressure switch. carefull to tighten.. the sensor breaks easily

XB9S... speed sensor is not working

pulley cover off to first check the wiring

i see a little knick on the wires , mostly the black one ( ground ) sould not be the problem

speed sensor out, also not much metal on it , hsould work

simple test, resistance between the black and white cable ... mnnn i think i found the problem

there should not be resistance between the back and white cable , open circuit , here check on new sensor

new sensor in , and test... yep that was the problem

now i could hear some things when i pushed on the bike, did not sound good.. metal to metal rear brake

i really could not let this customer leave like this, so belt guard screws loose

axle out, and handle they old 11 mm pitch belt very carefully —

learned the hard way, the air wrench is the best option for these screws... broke to many bits already :-X

disk was chewy on the insise

fresh disk on , set the screws to 35 Nm

bearings where still good so wheel back in

expencive brake pad change

i cleaned and relubed the slider bolt

so this will slide like new again

ready to go

was presenly surpriced when i did see the km on this bike ... brake pads ok.. but bike looks still very tight , and for a XB9 2003 very good