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5-9-2014 1125, XB, XR1200 services and more.

20-1-2015 - Buell 1125 small mishap repair, Uly big service and rockercover gaskets, finish leaky gaskets Buell XB, and Harley Davidson Xr1200 shifter peg.

Buell 1125 R , small mishap repair.


Buell 1125 R , small mishap repair , clutch lever damage.


Buell 1125 R , small mishap repair , pod cover scratch.


Buell 1125 R , small mishap repair , you need to put the old brass bushing from the clutch lever in to the new lever , for the actuator pin.


Buell 1125 R , small mishap repair , and use the threath clips from the old cover.


Buell 1125 R , small mishap repair , new cover on... looks shiny.




Buell 1125 R , small mishap repair , the exhaust was a little loud for a stock one ? lets see what is wrong.


Buell 1125 R , small mishap repair loosening the right footpeg bracket will help the exhaust come off more easy.


Buell 1125 R , small mishap repair , rusty can yep.


Buell 1125 R , small mishap repair , and thin metal and road salt not a good combination.


very nice Uly for big service.


Uly for big service, drain the oils.


Uly for big service, customer complained the neutral light was not working when the engine is hot, in cold state it has already to much resistance, we will replace it for a new one.


Uly for big service, we spotted also the rocker cover gaskets was leaking, look for this for all 2007 and up XB models.


Uly for big service, if you don't look for it from time to time, you will notice it when the fan give a error light , as the fan fuse will blow, the oil mist drawn through the fan, gives the fan to much resitance.


Uly for big service, celan and replace the gaskets for the new version black ones ( the orange ones will all start to leak )


Uly for big service, pulley off to replace the neutral switch.


Uly for big service, inspect belt and rear wheel bearings while we are at it.


Leaky intake seals XB, tried with the blue thicker ones , and the gap was still to big, now with the super thick ( hardly never used brown seals with metal inserts , is a way better fit now.



Leaky intake seals XB, ok finishing up , frame pucks on, after cleaning prime the surface with the primer that comes in the box, make the pucks stick much better.


Leaky intake seals XB, frame pucks on.


Leaky intake seals XB, stock filter... ok replace this for k&N, more economical in the long run.


Leaky intake seals XB,, replace the brake fluid and test ride... rubbing in the new tyres.


did not see Fred for a long time, bike still going strong with 127004 km on it.


XR1200X little mishap, customer made a temperoty shifter as the stock one broke after a little mishap pushing the bike to flat in the corner.


XR1200X little mishap, broken end shifter.


XR1200X little mishap, drilling it out and retap to 5/16-24 and screw the new toopeg in.


XR1200X little mishap,and little added protection , will not protect you from falling, but will keep the more shiny parts shiny.