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29-4-2015 Xb intake seals, battery, tyre .

30-4-2015 - early morning apointment, leaking intake seals where already detected,


xb12 intake seal, also a fresh rear tyre was needed, start with this first, so the engine can cool a little.


xb12 intake seal, removing the old style belt guard.


xb12 intake seal, breaker bar needed to loosen the axle.


xb12 intake seal, bearings are almost ready... already feeling crunchy.. i will put some new ones in.


xb12 intake seal, fresh rubber ready to go in.


xb12 intake seal, torg down the rear axle and fasten the pinch bolt.


xb12 intake seal, clutch cable loose engine supported, you can remove the front engine bolt.


xb12 intake seal, loose the throttle wires.


xb12 intake seal, top side strip


xb12 intake seal, and loosen the fuel line, t rod, injectors and tps connectors


xb12 intake seal, engine down, removing the manifold, i will replace the spark plug wire too.


xb12 intake seal, these have hold up for a long time, but now hardened and little bites along the inner surface.


xb12 intake seal, new seals in, and engine can go up.


xb12 intake seal, will put some new bolts in, for the nex time.


xb12 intake seal, covers back on.


xb12 intake seal, there was no washer behind the pulley cover screw, the big hole in the axle will make the plastic deform.


xb12 intake seal, big washer behind the screw and it will secure better.


xb12 intake seal, performance upgrade, customer asked if the exhaust valve solinoid could be removed ( is better for power to weight ratio ) unplug the connector.


xb12 intake seal, all ready to go.


xb12 intake seal,set tps, again and fix error code for the exhaust valve , test ride.


xb mishap, battery was all weekend on the charger, still is bad... cheap batterys sorry i don't like theme 1-2 year max and they break down.


xb mishap, new SVR battery, will life a long time , ready to go.


Xb post dyno prep, sometimes a fuel mapping needs a little attention, and bike put on the dyno, as we want to do this as best as possible, we mount our own headers with 2 aditional O2 sensor bungs , take a little extra time, but is wurth the effort.


Xb post dyno prep,belt tension off, and remove the tensioner.


Xb post dyno prep,cultc cable loose to rotate the engine.


Xb post dyno prep,left side airscoop off.


Xb post dyno prep,and loosen the v-brace, disconnect the wires.


Xb post dyno prep,support the engine,ready to drop the engine.


Xb post dyno prep, aribox removed to loosen the t-rod.


Xb post dyno prep, engine rotated and header nuts removed, , header off.


Xb post dyno prep, a old piston ring plier works perfect for the exhaust flange c-clips.


Xb post dyno prep, leaving the engine just a little off the mount can help start the bolt in the right position , as the first piece is smooth on the bolt.


Xb post dyno prep, with the first piece in, lift the engine higher up so you can turn the bolt with your fingers , to prevend cross threading.


Xb post dyno prep, will fix the leaking clutch cable to.


Xb post dyno prep,the neutral light was cutting out when it gets hot... to much resistance 4.5 M ohm.


Xb post dyno prep, with the pulley removed a thin walled 5/8 socket is needed to remove the neutral switch, my thin walled sockets still needed a hair taken off to fit the hole.


Xb post dyno prep, new swtich in testing ... 0.3 Ohm resitance perfect.


Xb post dyno prep, pulley back on, the lock plate fits always one way or the other.


Xb post dyno prep,exhaust back on , make sure the front saddle seats flat on the exhaust.


Xb post dyno prep, rare find, the original filler ring to reuse the orgininal exhaust clamp ( most remus / sebring i see mounted did not use this, and the clamping force making the orginal clamp to small to clamp properly )