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06-12-2018 Buell S1 engine assembly

14-5-2019 - What did we do today: 06-12-2018 Buell S1 engine assembly

engine was stripped for leaking case sealent, down the way we advised to do some aditional repairs.. cylinder wall where bad , and crank overhault 

the dry gasket .. original sealent is crumbeling 

the outer pinion race is honed inline for the new bearing.. after cleaning a little assembly lube 

cleaning the mating surface and degreasing very good

cleaning the case bolts

lucky there not 20 bolt in the case 


with little bead of sealent.. and drop loctite on the case bolts

i use 2 gearbox bolts to mount the rear of the case to when the gasket is setting 

nice bolts positioned in direct view 

tq the cases 

and mount the front shock mount right away .. again to set the tension on the case when the sealent is drying , as these are the only 2 bolt at the front 

setting to TQ

crank oil seal mounting.. works very good with tool ( home made ) 

cleaning the spacer with some scotch brite , will clean of the old seal running trace , to seal better, it douse not hurt as this spacer is case hardened 

some silicone around the stator plug to help seal , and a bed of silicone to protect the wires

mount the protection plate

stator screws in

lifters back in

old style lifter pins , with new o-rings to seal the cover

some upgrades where already made.. bronse oil pump gear.. as expected little to no wear marks 

cams are numbered 1 to 4 

follow the points to check the timing 

oil seal out off the cam cover 

gasket on 

and prime the flywheel ( big end bearing ) with some squirts of oil 

oil pump and cam cover ... allot of screws in different lengh

cover tightening the bolts 

new cam seal carefull tapping in 

timing cover mounting 

and ignition trigger 

markings made during dis assembly very usefull 

for now the connector in a bag .. when back in the bike follow the collors to connect 

neutral switch in old style 

prelube the bearings 

and new seal in 

oil pump

best to give it a check inside , this one is good

the pump rotor are about 1/4 of the height the return rotor is 

for now and return to customer plug the oil lines nipples

feed to the filter back in

and connect to the pump outlet

gearbox side 

oil pressure check bal in 

oil filter adaptor.. screw it in with loctite 

lubing the gear box end that drop in the neede bearings 

and drop in the gearbox.. drop of loctite on the bolts to secure theme 

detent plate .. this is the old style.. and can cause the gear box to get in between gears 

the new detent plate more secure shifting 

the pins in the shift drum... can differ very much in lenght 

about 2 mm between theme 

the plate sits under a angle this way 

carefull tap the pins to the same height .. so the detent plate sits flush and flat on all 4 pins 

3 mm in 3e gear , base adjustment shifter mechanisme


works :-) 

oil filter in for transportation

oil pressure switch... meeehhh.. and common experiance these will fail with a engine rebuild 

so put a new one in right away 

mounting the take out stud

base gaskets on 

cleaning and prepping the 1250 kit 

very nice cylinders by S&S 

checking the piston pin eye.. ok 

note these cylinders have a front and rear ... no check piston rings and clean