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1-4-2015 XB12S 2004 some TLC.

2-4-2015 - XB12S TLC, respecteble age but with a little sputter some times and a high idle / hanging @ 2000 rpm.. signs off leaking intake seals.


XB12S TLC, let her warm up for a while, contact off, and on after a few minuts oil pressure light is still out... always have me look twices for the sensor.


XB12S TLC, stripping most off here body off as we know what all is needed.


XB12S TLC, not so little things for the future, some signs the main bearing seal is sweating, usualy means the bearing has to much play.


XB12S TLC, drain plug gear box , no to worrie is normal.


XB12S TLC, checking the cluch mechanisme seat for cracks.


XB12S TLC, belt can do for a while, but keep a eye out for this .


XB12S TLC, my good these axle can be tight , rear wheel bearing check.


XB12S TLC, if this one rattles , change the bearings... looking at the tracks on the wheel the belt has been slipping over it .


XB12S TLC wiggle the spring clip out with a screw driver, and you can repalce the bearings.


XB12S TLC, lady on age.. with the rearwheel off the ground hold the engine and swingarm and pull the end off the swingarm to feel if there is movement in the bearings , these are still ok.


XB12S TLC, ok some air will make things roll better 
the new wheel bearings will help to.


XB12S TLC, use neverseas on these screws , they get stuck very fast and with the very small allen head you round these out in the blink off a eye.


XB12S TLC, remove and clean the airfilter base plate.


XB12S TLC, engine rotated down, spark plugs replacement the easy way.


XB12S TLC, old and hard intake seals , she will run so much nicer with fresh ones.


XB12S TLC, tighening the throttle body.


XB12S TLC, ok will replace this one to haing on the last threads , throttle pull cable.


XB12S TLC, front end service.


XB12S TLC, fron bearings are also ready for replacement.


XB12S TLC, new bearings and rubber.


XB12S TLC, taking apart the front legs for oil change.


XB12S TLC, flatter bars mean less brake fluid as the reservoir is mounted under a angle.


XB12S TLC, a little grease here will feel so much better.


XB12S TLC, testing the intake seals before rebuilding, she runs like she should run again.


XB12S TLC, mouting Big right airscoop inner piece.


XB12S TLC, and outer scoop , use never seas on these screws.


XB12S TLC, licenceplate light did not burn, new bulb.