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6-10-2016 XB engine rebuild, Xb12SS 09 service

17-10-2016 - 6-10-2016 Buell XB engine rebuild, Buell XB12SS 09 service

unpacking the freshly oversize bored barrels , cleaning theme... use soapy hot watter untill you can put a rag in there and it comes out clean

checking the piston pin bushings.. easy slide with out play 

oil rings on the piston 

and checking the ring cap play 

these needed a little more opening , we have a nice tool for this, but a file will work 

deburr the edges after you made the gap bigger 

my collegue is doing the big service on the SS nice bike 

so pistons.. there are two off theme 

i like the put the c-clips in the piston like this so you can remove theme with the gap , only 1 side in for now 

piston and rings in the barrel, lightly lubricated

after you double checked the orientation off the piston, put the piston pin trough the rod end 

some rags in the case in case the other piston c-clip springs away from you 

and on top push it down, i temperary hold the cylinder in palce with some hold down nuts 

so i can turn the crank with out moving the cylinders up and down 

and the other one on..

before the heads go one, the pushrod covers need be mounted 

o-rings for the pushrod cover first in the head, and push the head first over the pushrod cover top befor e you place the head in the dowls 

lube the head bolts the flats and threads and tq theme down 

if the markings are gone on the pushrods, the long one is exhaust 

my collegue had a interesting problem as the shifter on the bike had way to much play, looks like the heavy shifter pedal is hard on the bushings 

so much play you can tought the clutch cover

some new bushings and it became alittle better 

on with the eingine , rocker boxes on, all the bolts in first before you tighen theme ( starting with the 4 big ones )

and tq theme down

intaka manifold, looks like crap... will check and clean the injectors anyway

injectors are perfect, will put theme in the ultra sonic cleaner any way 

coil bracket on line up in the middle 

while the injectors are cleaning.. i put the bike on the lift 

rear mount back on... a cut 1/4 allen key is the trick

stator mounting, use a little silicone on the plug , helps sealing 

speed sensor on..

and starter motor back on 

injectors nice and clean ready to put back in

i mount our new intake flanges on this bike, checking if they fit smoothly 

and use the o-ring gease suplied on the o-rings to protect theme during mounting 

flanges pressed on, and put the other o-rings on with o-ring grease

almost time for the marrige 

engine in place , first rear bolt in 

temperory put the old isolator on, so we can work on the rear first 

swing arm in , best to take the rear wheel out 

and tighten the pich bolt for the swing arm axle 

easy acces tot the starter motor feed 

oil lines throught the exhaust brace and mounting it on

plastic cover in front off the pully, to protect the cables 

and oil lines back on , breather in this case

ignition pick up fed trought eh cover 

for now it will run, back to original settings.will check this after electrics are on 

mnnn a little re isolating on the speedo wires 

W-brace back on the bike 

be very sure, the oil lines are in line before you tighten , these can cross thread so easy :-(

oil cooler feed line to the oil pump... use a spanner to hold the fitting.. the break real easy 

neutral switch wire on 

belt back on mnnnn will ask the client if there a little mony left for a new belt , as this one has had it's best days

pully lock plate on , use loctite on these bolts

routing the electicks nice an cleanly 

ziptie the greabox breather hose so that the heat fromt he header will not hurt it 

mounting the header... these holding clips are gone, will use new ones 

as we are going to dyno this bike, a set testing headers is mounted with 2 extra O2 sensor bungs

engine up for the last time.. don't forget the pcv valves 

primairy on

not shure what gearbox oil he was using, but it leaves a black stick residue :-X 

primairy on

clutch pulling plate mounted

the cover has been repaired 

new shifter seal in the cover

and tw down to specs, starting on the middle and spiral out

clutch cable on , best to put it on holding the cable straight 

little grease on the cable adjuster 

side stand back on

and shifter on, for now normal, will put it back in " race" mode after the dyno tuning 

TQ hammer single tip ... good choise :-)

belt tensioner back on 

rear axle back to TQ. noticed the axle pich bolt was missing , i mount a new one, as the bike will feel loose in the rear with out this 

out TQ hammer on, for now in dyno set up 

throttle cables on 

and hoolink up the electrics

ziptie the tps wire to the fuel rail, so the connections into the tps sensor will live longer 

contact// check everything works 

and start up...she is running nice , first heat cycle down 

as the bike is running already very nice, i will rebuild the top, airbox base plate on

will trow away this stock filter and put a K&N filter in