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XB service leaking rear rocker cover, belt

16-8-2015 - What did we do today 14-8-2015 XB service leaking rear rocker cover, belt

XB Service, always nice to see this bike, cared for , with 32000 km done still looks sharp 

XB Service, draining oil 

XB Service, and as we pritty much know what we need to do , strip most off the body work while draining 

XB Service, fresh gearbox oil in adjusting the mechanism

XB Service, mnnn smal mishap pulled out the dipstick to fast... and snapped off right away can be found here:

XB Service, will put a new one in wink-emoticon can be found here:

XB Service, rear wheel bearing check, loosen pinch bolts, and remove axle

XB Service, the belt is suspisious , starting to see wear marks every where

XB Service, will call the customer what he thinks off this , my advicewould be replace , hard to tell how long the belt will still last

XB Service, bearings are still very good

XB Service, lift the belt a little and spin the idler pulley to check the bearings , all good 

XB Service, rocker gasket,, support the bike and loosen the front mount bolt the 2 little bolt's in th header where used with 2 wideband sensors to adjust the bike on our dyno runs awsome.

XB Service, front bolt out bone dry, will put some neverseas on it

XB Service, v-brace bolts out, loosen clutch cable

XB Service, air box cover off, signs off a healty engine... just a little oil vapour after 16000 km

XB Service, remove the top tierod bolt

XB Service, has kept clean, but still old style gaskets will leak

XB Service, spring clip to getter and pull off the stack

XB Service, spring clip to getter and pull off the stack

XB Service, remove the fuel line connector, push, press the tabs and pull 

XB Service, and lower the engine to a sweet spot you can get to the cover bolts easy

XB Service, bolts out and pull the cover out

XB Service, yep still the orange ones , they all leak new ones can be found here:

XB Service, with a ittle screw driver peeling out the old gaskets new ones can be found here:

XB Service, and put back the new black ones , leave the head temp sensor wire in the middle 

XB Service, cover back on

XB Service, cover tightened, a little cleaningbehind the cylinder

XB Service, with the engine rotated, spark plugs change the easy way

XB Service, engine back up and tighten to specs

XB Service scoops back on

XB Service, left foot plate , use some loctite

XB Service, arifilter base plate back on

XB Service, filter cleaned and charged

XB Service, time to swap the bike around for the front end

XB Service, wheel out

XB Service. bake pads are good to go

XB Service, bearings a ok

XB Service front forl oil changed, let he lower bolts loose, 

XB Service, as i did feel a little knocking while braking,trying to retighten the steering head , pich bolt loose

XB Service handle loose and loose the steering stem

XB Service, nut is nuggered, willput an new one in new one can be found here:

XB Service, new stem nut and tighten

XB Service, tighten the pich bolt

XB Service, and fasten the clamps

XB Service, brake fluid change.. dham one screw douse not want to play nice

XB Service, drill the head off and usualy the screw comes out by hard

XB Service, fresh brake fluid

XB Service after contact customer ok the change the belt, covers off again

XB Service, and rear axle 15turn loose

XB Service, move the plate ofd the wing , did the wing this time

XB Service, belt tension off , remove the brace ,will put a new bolt in there

XB Service, old belt perfect as spare for long trips

XB Service, new belt on and put back the brace before you tighen the axle depending on your year and model belt can be found here:

XB Service, tighten the axle , turning the wheel helps

XB Service, and covers back on ...TEST ride smile-emoticon i love my job