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XB9SX finish, Fuelpump, Uly bearing X1

20-11-2015 - What did we do today 19-11-2015, XB9SX finish, Fuelpump replace & test, Uly wheel bearings, X1 make over

XB9SX finish, finishing up the XB9Sx, chin spoiler brackets put on. Stage 1 kit

XB9SX finish, name tags on smile-emoticon

XB9SX finish, chin spoiler back on

XB9SX finish, compress the front a few times to set the forks on the axle and tighten the pinch bolts

XB9SX finish, front brake fluid change

XB9SX finish, i will put some new screws in for the next one that need to unscrew theme, screwed up screws can mean the next time you need to dril theme out

XB9SX finish,rear fluid change, mnnn with new pads in, the last time this was changed the level was set to high.. as it came out when i unscrewed the cap, if your pads are half gone don't fill the fluid to max level !!


XB9SX finish, warming up and fuel mapping for the exhaust put in.. she is runing sweet smile-emoticon reflash is 1 of the products in the stage 1 kit

XB9SX finish, last check for oil level, and test ride... i love my job smile-emoticon

Fuel pomp replace & test, i'm glad the running problems from this customers bike finaly are sorted, as the bike was stalling and coughing , making a diagnose by phone 16000 km away can be very frustrating ,but with the fuel pump only giving 2 bar pressure , yeah it will never run good, the seals on the filter connections where leaking, fixed that, but the customer ask to put a new pomp in any way... so on with the job

Fuel pomp replace & test, c-clip off for the regulator housing

Fuel pomp replace & test, and electrical connectors off, 1 big and 1 small terminal so no probems reconnecting

Fuel pomp replace & test, hose clamp on the pomp out let off

Fuel pomp replace & test and take the ground screw out

Fuel pomp replace & test, you cn now pull on the holder with the filter and pump

Fuel pomp replace & test, the clear pressure line is hard to remove, but with a heat gun warming it up a little to pull it off

Fuel pomp replace & test, pomp out, can be very hard, removing the fiter will help as the tension will be less on the bracket

Fuel pomp replace & test, new pump on

Fuel pomp replace & test, new pre filter on and everything in place

Fuel pomp replace & test, new hose clamp on the pressure line

Fuel pomp replace & test, and why not make it better, as the wires are known to rubb and short out, some fuel resitant protective sleeve over the wires will prevent this

Fuel pomp replace & test, pomp pushed down as deep as it can a this is the pick up point

Fuel pomp replace & test, testing little over kill ? but i would really hate to see the pomp back after a 32000 km trip and not working in the outback , but she is smootching like a king

Fuel pomp replace & test, so drain the pump and make it ready for shipping back

Uly was a bit wobbely , and strange noise coming from the front... first time i see a towing hook on a buell...

Uly bearings, nice Uly

Uly bearings, we know the front bearinga are gone.. but i really want to check the rear ones to , call it experiance :-X


Uly bearings, yep rear ones are also in the braking point

Uly bearings, so new bearing in the rear.. i will advise the customer a 2010 wheel ( 3 bearing wheel ) , as this bike gets heavy loaded

Uly bearings, rear axle tightened to TQ


Uly bearings, and pich bolt tightened

Uly bearings, so front one, fender off

Uly bearings, and wheel out

Uly bearings, yeah no surprice here... as it was klinkaty klonkaty comming in

Uly bearings, new bearings in, and wheel back on

Uly bearings, mnnn hold on..

Uly bearings, tyre is back wards... ? ok will put it on the right way..

Uly bearings, wheel back to tq

Uly bearings, and fender back on

X1 make over, hard to get parts or styling / customizing , any way the new owner off the bike did not care to much for the speedo position and asked us to rebuild it back to original

X1 make over, dashplate off , and home made bracket trying to remove

X1 make over, bolt and nut used... and hard to get to , as i need to replace the headlight brackets anyway, i will remove the top triple t

X1 make over, clutch cable was put back in a very strange way

X1 make over, head light and dash off

X1 make over, indicators 1 wire system... i think i will make a extra ground wire to the indicators

X1 make over, the other one has one off my favorite :-X wire connections.... please do not use these things , bad conenction / problems waiting to happen

X1 make over, pich bolt loose on the top triple t

X1 make over, nice HD clamp used ... with filler plates..

X1 make over, top fork bolts loose

X1 make over, and stem bolt loose

X1 make over, with the front end supported, find the sweet spot there is no tension on the forks, and you can take off the top plate

X1 make over, home made bracket removed, new ( and very hard to find headlight brackets back in , top triple t back on, and original handle bar mount

X1 make over, dash plate back on

X1 make over, i see i will have some clearance issues

X1 make over, i cannot use the original indicator holes.. as the old cut off headlight brackets the slots for the head light where made bigger , so the light was more forward.. will take theme off again and see what is best to do