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24-1-2018 XB9R last things before startup, S3 leak

4-4-2018 - 24-1-2018 Buell XB9R last things before startup, Buell S3 leaking head gasket, Buell XB12S service not running idle

on the XB9R we needed to replace the fork oil and oil seal, right one is leaking

virgin caps... trying to keep theme like this , put some isolation tape on theme 

fork apart and cleaning

the outer slide bushing has some marks.. i put a new one in

protect the new seals during mounting put some isolation tape on the sharp edge

hammer the seals in 

and indexing the rebound setting

the clutch cable was rubbing heavy.. fixed the cable

a new pad on the leg works 

new protection on 

front wheel back in black :-)

noop... no chewie caliper bolts , i mount new ones 

drop loctite on the new bolts

and set to 50NM

fender on and clean off my black finger prints , the black and white looks very good

settng the forks on the axle , by pushing down the front a few times , and tighten the axle pinch bolts

setting the dampening setting

and changing the brake fluid 

front new 

and rear... now start up

on with the leaking head gasket on the S3, fuel tank removed 

and removing the carb bracket.. the rear is slotted... so much better than a hole 

carb of

will replace the rubber to the manifold to

some rocker cover bolts are realy hard to reach 

top cover off and space ring off with the umbrella breahter valve

top brace needs to come of 

as a charger cable is connected to it, i leave it on and place it out the way 

rocker box bolts off

mnnn .. gasket is still untouged by heat, normaly this model gasket would stick on

and removing the heads bolts.. need to say not to much tension on

cylinder head of , and the leaking gasket is noticeble

head gasket can also be take of in good shape , other sign not to tension 

pushrod tubes of, protecting the lifters 

the ring gaps where above eacht other ? not realy eficient

cylinder looks ok.. some markings but nothing real hard or to feel in the bore

new base gaskets and piston rings twisted 90 deg..

new base gaskets and piston rings twisted 90 deg

cylinder cleaned and light coat of oil.. before mounting 

and with new headgasket the head comes on 

tq down.. in staps original way.. very handy your tq wrench can do deg.

new o-rings for the pushrod tubes 

tubes mounted back 

old style rocker box bolts.. long ones and short ones

level the rocker arms and tighen slowly

and tq down the bolts

and top cover on

intake manifold back on 

carb mounted back 

and headers back on 

the front pipe is worn out some 

loose pipe connections will do this to you , the clamp is not small enough to clamp all the way

with new clamp and some firegum.. the seal is good. and will not rattle furhter

neutral light testing

mnn looks like the problem is inside the very early koso.. i stay away 

some hydro locktite to mount the breahters 

and lock the nut in place 

breather jose mounted back on

bal end allen key very nice to mount the force winder

wide tail section back on 

it has some cleaning issues in this combination

starting and letting here smootch

i like to keep the oil level half way on the stick. so the head breahter do not spuw to much oil 

the seat is mounted with 2 straps... ok... i know the seat screws are very hard to get , this works. but not realy nice

Xb12s in for service and not running idle 

note the oil pressure light is not burning

testing for intake leaks.. the brake cleaner give a result right away ( ego is trying to lean out )

so oil change and making ready for engine rotation

some debris on the gearbox plug is absolute normal

rear brake caliper of to check the rear wheel

bearings are ok 

oil pressure light.. looks like the wire is broken

yep.. i couls pull it off right very easy

testing the wire end to ground 

and the light makes contact..

ok.. new eyeled to the wire 

and mount it on the switch with a nut , some protecting grease is usefull 

with a tire iron the exhaust can stay on 

openening up the top side 

as this is a 2007 model.. check the rear rocker cover gasket on sweating

top side connectors off 

engine down and removing the intake manifold

and doing the plugs while we are at it.. so much easier with the engine down... ps.. it has been running lean .

engine down you have a better look at the rear rocker box , defenaly sweating 

intake rubbers of 

cover of old orange seals 

mounting back the new black seals 

looks like allot of room on the manifold

there is room enough to mount the thicker intake seals 

engine back up and connecting stuf

airbox on

and ready to test ride