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14-11-2014 XB12 Cheap levers on ZTL2 8 pot caliper

15-11-2014 - Buell Xb12 top end repair. Buell XB12R meet and greet. Buell Xb12 Clutch upgrade. Buell Xb Cheap levers on ZTL2 8 pot caliper !

XB12R meet and greet, , new owner and new Bueller on his way home, stopped by to say hi, proud owner off a very good looking XB12R, very nicely build , deserved a picture.


XB12R meet and greet, very nice color and details.


XB12R meet and greet, elbow grease will be needed to keep the headers like this.


Buell XB cheap brake levers. This happens when you buy stuff not from our website we be sure we won't sell you this) ZTL2 , The brake could not be do sated good. on - off , we had some emails from customers about this, but pictures work better.


Xb cheap brake levers.ZTL2 , look very carefully when you buy these, as you mount theme they have to much free play to the piston ( about 2 to 3 mm ) at first they will work fine , if they are really bad even the brake light switch can start to light the brake light due to the free play.


Xb cheap brake levers.ZTL2 , but as they ware, the ware on the wrong spot and will push the master cylinder piston out off line , making it stick, make the brake on-off and will cause the brake pressure control very bad.


Xb cheap brake levers.ZTL2 , ware on the master cylinder piston.


Xb cheap brake levers.ZTL2 , this case just to get the customer home ( where he still had the original lever ) clean and a little grease will help ) but be carefull what you put on, most off the 8 piston ZTL2 master and tube frame brake levers can have a problem with this.


XB12 Clutch upgrade, clutch was slipping full throttle in 5e gear, clutch is worn out, we will put in a strong clutch that can take some punishment.


XB12 Clutch upgrade, drain the gearbox oil.


XB12 Clutch upgrade,loosen the outer clutch cable adjuster.


XB12 Clutch upgrade,take the clutch mechanism off.


XB12 Clutch upgrade, and remove the cover.


XB12 Clutch upgrade, put the spring compresser tool on 


XB12 Clutch upgrade, compress the clutch spring and remove the c-clip and retaining ring .


XB12 Clutch upgrade, and take the pressure plate off.


XB12 Clutch upgrade, with a little magnet of some wire bend with a hook, you can pull out the old clutch plates , the blue metal plates is over heating by slipping.


XB12 Clutch upgrade, high performance plate kit , can take a punch as we used this racing the XB RR with 150 RWhp


XB12 Clutch upgrade, these plates all have friction material on one side


XB12 Clutch upgrade, first half plate, and transmission damper spring ( the 2 half steel rings ) 


XB12 Clutch upgrade, and soaked in oil for some minutes, whipe clean and place the plates in the basket, alternating in side teeth plate and out side teeth plate


XB12 Clutch upgrade, ending with the only double sided plate


XB12 Clutch upgrade , pressure plate back on and seat the c-clip good in the retainer


XB12 Clutch upgrade, cover back on


XB12 Clutch upgrade, with this clutch we advise to use D4 redline ATF , as the clutch has more friction surface , it will stick to much with normal gearbox oil ( oil friction )


XB12 Clutch upgrade, adjust the clutch mechanism, and set the primary chain tension


parcel from customer came in, request for rebore... and over sized pistons, they look a little worn 


Xb12 cylinder rebore, the other looks bad to.


Xb12 cylinder rebore , we will send theme out to our machine shop for a nice rebore to oversize to mach the oversize pistons


Xb12 Mishap, what happens when this key for the cam train brakes, or pignon gear slips over this.


Xb12 Mishap, something like this, valve timing off , valve hit the piston, bend, hits the other valve and held this open, piston comes up and wants to go further while the cam wants to push the valve down...very lucky this happened during start, engine got blocked.. so new valves , pistons, and a pushrod when this should happen at 160 km/h the engine is toast.


Xb12 Mishap, cylinders back on with new pistons, ( the rings got stuck by the valve pushing in the aluminium.


Xb12 Mishap, pushrod covers back on.


Xb12 Mishap, place the sealing rings for the pushrod covers in the cylinder head , oil theme lightly.


Xb12 Mishap,and place the cylinder head first in on the pushrod cover holes and than position to the cylinder dowels.


Xb12 Mishap, lube the base off the head bolts and TQ to specs.


Xb12 Mishap, new key in ,and cams back in time.


Xb12 Mishap,head , and rockers boxes on.


Xb12 Mishap, engine back up.


Xb12 Mishap, almost ready.


Xb12 Mishap,startup... see runs nice  nicer than before i must note.


Xb12 Mishap, after test ride, last checks , and see is ready to go.