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7-12-2018 S1 Engine, M2 100000KM service

16-5-2019 - What did we do today: 7-12-2018 Buell S1 engine assembly, Buell M2 over 100.000 km service inspection

whel there goose my planning for to day.. opened up the 2e cylinder box.. was packed bad.. and the rings are broken

these thin rings are special .. gdam 

ok 1 cylinder mounting as i cleaned it already, checking the ring cap .. way to small on the 1e compression ring 

ok 1 cylinder mounting as i cleaned it already, checking the ring cap .. way to small on the 1e compression ring 

grinding theme a little at the time , clean 

and check again 

these are ok now... always check this if you mount new piston rings !! 

the 2e compression ring is ok for size , these are beveled 

check markings , and mount the piston from the bottom

piston in , i mount 1 clip now 

and the other clip when the piston pin in mounted.. place a rag in the case opening , the piston pin clips can fly away 

tighen the cylinder on the case temperary , was hoping to finish this one to day.. is not happening 

so next Buell M2 with allot off km done 

still looks decent, i know the owner is not a polishing type 

seat removed, one of the weak point M2 fuse box sits right in the spray of the rear wheel 

wso letting her run.. to warm up the oil ... not really running as should.. i think the intake seals are leaking .. leak test confirmed this 

exhaust of to change the gear box fluid.. pipe is welded on the pipe due to wear of vibration 

engine oil.. takes a while to drain 

shifter has allot off play.. bushing are worn due to age and vibration 

check the plugs

black as the paint work 

but difference between front and rear , leaking intake gaskets 

little cleaning of the caked grimm on the shock absorber will not clean it to good.. you will see it start the leak than ;-) 

new plugs in , check an set the gaps 

large filter was mounted.. i would not advice this with the oil cooler adaptor, the moment arm becomes big .. full oil filter and vibration , with oil cooler better use a short ( normal ) filter

meeehh my socket is slipping 

nothing some tape cannot fix 

new filter on 

fuel line and choke cable loose 

very old buell lover :-) we have been there to 

checking primairy tension .. ok 

but down shifting i feel the play on the gear shifter prevents the drum to turn enough.. will advice the customer to put a new one on 

mnnnn strange wear pattern on the rear disk 

the rear caliper guides are worn out 

love these old welnuts... not.. there a pain if the are corroded 

rear wheel. bearings are ok 

pully side is even sleeved , bearing is good shape and tight ( bough of theme ) 

belt is also ok 

now better acces to get the freaking well nuts out 

will put new ones in wiht neversees on the threads

whooow.. brake pad is wearing in on the bracket 

put it back with the axle to loosen the bolts 

and brake pad pin 

shees.. talk about wear 

brake pad worn in on the bracket 

disk was rubbing on the brake pas pin 

first time i see this

the rear wheel make allot of noise turning.. i know now why 

the pad slider is also worn in , looks factory 

but about 3 mm is knocked of 

slided rubber worn though.. will inspec the bike furhter and talk to the customer first 

oil back in 

nice and worn out button heads..

lucky a Torq bit could be hammered in to loosen it 

carb need to come of 

works best with the throttle cables out 

cv slide shows some wear

taking out the intake manifold ball end allen bits are welcome 

the leaking side 

rubber hard and cracked 

the intake manifold has been wearing in on the cylinder head, it is not on the gasket face 

and manifold still fits good

back on with new seal