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2-5-2018, XB stator, XB12SS service, dyno XB12

13-9-2018 - 2-5-2018, Buell XB stator, Buell XB12SS service, dyno Buell XB12R and making ready for customer, Buell XB12S IAC replacement, Buell X1 resurection

diagnosed this XB with stator not working.. primairy of to replace it.. smells and looks burned — bij Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

new stator.. — bij Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

do your self a favour.. remove the wire bridge.. this can go bad.. ( side play on the crank , and the inner bolts on the magnet will knock off this bridge and destroying the stator again )

little silicone on the plug to help seal better

Xb is easy.. as you can pull out the clutch hub.. complete

new shifter seal

fresh oil

setting the chain free play

routing the wires to the connector

some dielectric grease on the 77 connector .. just for save mesures

checking.. :-)

will put some air in the tyres .. and she is good to go

nice XB12Ss for service

shame the chin spoiler starts to crack

clutch cable is leaking

and is hanging on 1 last thread .. we going to replace it

old style side stand pivot.. check them... this one was loose

uncrew to clean and mount

change the rear pads

before taking off the caliper.. loosen the pad pins

will change the shifter rubber ..

feeling the cable adjuster.. all crispy... i'm not even going to try to loosen..

realy haning on it's last thread

new cable o-ring on and shifter of to screw in the cable

before routing up.. some neverseas on the cable adjuster

shifter back on.. use red loctite to lock this one

new oil in

toll of vibrating things. it wears.. clutch cable on the tierod

rear wheel bearing are ok

belt , stone chip

and some wear cracks .. need to check with the customer if we can replace this belt ..

new pads mounted

and shifter rubber

front end check

all ok. and mounting new rubber

brake fluid change front

fresh in

and cleaning the brake lever

cllean and grease the pivots and ramp.. will feel very nice

replacing the rear fluid

some pumping action with the bleeder loose, to have the full travel loosened up

pushing down the front a few time to set the forks ,before you tighten the pinch bolts

running warm for oil level check..

XB12R 50 Km on the dyno.. the first kilometers with break in oil ... blower on.. stay below 3000 rpm...

IAC problem

looks like the IAC it self has a intermitting error

will replace the IAC.. airbox off and iac loose

cleaning the intermal iac air channel

new one on.. and test ride ,, error is not comming back.. and bike runs really strong :-)

50km done

so making ready for the customer

running in oil out .. plug is clean.. as we like it

fresh oil in

tps wire mounted

screw was loose.. ,mounting with some loctite

right inner scoop on to help with cooling

wire harnes tied to getter

and chin spoiler on

a old fast system in on.. not the original clamp but this will do

heat shield and sensors mounted back.. cover on and she is ready to go back to the owner

X1 resurection.. new welnut in the swingarm

and putting the frame in the hoist

and jeck under the engine, as we going to replace the isolators

rusty bolts...

and some very stubbern.. screws

impact screw driver also not working ...

pffff. almost needed to drill these out.. this bike is fighting me for every bolt :-(

frame plate of.. old isolator is completly broken

loosen the lower tie rod. to replace the other isolator

making room.. passengerpegs of

going to be new ones

shifter / footpeg loose


bought isolators out

and new ones in

lifted the frame a litle to make it easier

throught the hole in the battery try you can put the reasr tierod bolt back in

frame plate in place

and tightinging the isolator bolts

rear fender weas removed.. better acces , and small 9/16 spanner will also help

rear fender back on

and passenger pegs.. with new bolts

new bolts for the pegs

clutch cover seal was leaking.. it has become very hard rubber

primairy cover screws.. change to stainless

meehhh not inpressed with the toe peg..

looks better

inspection covers loose, and checking the primairy chain

exhaust brackets on

to mount the proseries replica muffler

changing cam cover screws .. 1 by 1 for stainless

it's harder but you can get theme

force airfilter mounting

the breather nippels on

and changng the seat frame bolts

look better