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3-12-2015 XB12 making spring ready, small service

5-12-2015 - 3-12-2015 XB12 making spring ready, small service

Xb12S, small service and check up , making here ready for spring

the titianium headers are still very nice color smile-emoticonheaders:

noticed the neutral light douse not work..

clutch cable is sweating

chin spoiler removed, check the side stand bolt , if you still have one !

Oil drain.. little debris on the plug , not much yet, but need to check the next service if this becomes wors

and a litte sweating shifter seal

will start with the seal , mark the lever so you can find the position it was on.

oily dirty rubber off

knock the seal on 1 side and it will pop out the other , carefull not to damage the shaft

cleaning off the corrosion that was under the rubber spacer

on the older ( pre 06 model ) the seal is as thick as the shifter shaft, with sime isolating tape on the splines you will not damage the new seal when you mount it ,put a little grease in the inside off the seal

removed the clutch cable at the handle bar end and pulled it down, to slide over the heast shrink tube

put some neverseas on the shifter shaft, and loc tite on the shift lever pedal

and mount back the clutch cable

rear wheel check.. i take the wheels out with every service.. just a good habit to do so to check the bearings , pinch bolt loose

loosen the axle, and remove the lower belt guard

belt is not looking very good. stone chip have been hurting th belt

and made a nice wear mark on the pully

and the belt starts to crack, this being still the first .AAA belt , time to replace it

Too much damage

wheel bearings feel also gritty, i will repace these to

with the belt off the front puly , i can check the neutral switch... yep way to much resistance

with the belt off , you can acces the neutral switch thin walled high socket 5/8 , you can not put in on straight but the sensor should not be to tight

check if the crush ring comes out with the switch

fidely in with you rfingers and tighen again with socket

checking... works

new oil filter on

belt change, foot peg bracket loose

and loosen the swing arm brace

there is always dirt under there wink-emoticon

wheel back in with new bearings, belt swap old for new

arry a old belt as spare.. easy magix twist it like this , easy to pack , the radius not to small to hurt the belt

before you thighen the rear axle put the brace back in to give the swingarm strenght again

and tighen the rear axle, i like to turn the wheel while fastening the axle , less stain on the belt

nasty looking footpeg bracket , will clean this and do some toughup

with tough up paint, thin layers douse the trick

chin spoiler back on

rear belt guards back on, use never seas on these screws !!

numbe plate rattles almost harder than the bike smile-emoticon int he plastic frame it will not take long before it rattles out

some double sided tape on the ridges and stick the plate back on, best not to use these plastic easy mount plate holders at all , but if you do, take note Buell's vibrate smile-emoticon

bike turned around for the front end check


front wheel bearings feel also "gritty "

i replaced these to , i like our customers, but next to there normal service, there alwasy welcome for coffie , but premature bearing failure i take personal , and i think if the bike has been serviced good, bearing failure should happen untill the next service

wheel back in , clean axle with a light coat off grease to prevent the bearings from freezing to the axle

and brake caliper back to TQ


loa dthe front suspention a few times to set the front legs on the axle and tighten the pinch bolts

customer complained that the brake feel on / off and is very hard to control ,


mnn.. ok pivot is greased.. but the ramp and anvil on the brake cylinder are dry,

and it looks like a flat spot / rigde is make the brake hard to control

little cleaning, sanded off the rough edges on the lever ramp, thick grease on , and it feels very good, will check with test riding

brake fluid.. cap screw douse not pay nice and is nackered

center drill with a small drill bit, than a larger one to drill off the head

with the cap removed, usualy the tension is off and you can unscrew the left over with your fingers

fresh brake fuild for the front

new screws are cheap, don't put theme back if there haf nackered , and use a little meverseas

refresing the rear brake fluid

and warming up to set te oil level, and test ride smile-emoticon