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22-10-2016 , hesitating XB9, dual tip Xb exhaust,

8-11-2016 - 22-10-2016 , hesitating XB9, dual tip Xb exhaust, mirrors and grips, XB88 back in black

cold morning, and a long ride... some issues opening the throttle at take off on this very nice XB9SX

first basics ... mnnn metric screws will go in.. one time only :-X removing the right airscoop

checking the tps, bike is running a little rough , settings look ok

intake leak test...

idle is dropping... meaning leaking intake seals

ok we start with the seals , rest off the covers off and making ready to drop the engine

airbox off

and disconnecting the fuel line , coil, O2 and head temp sensor , clutch cable and throttle cables removed all ready

engine supported and removing the front engine mount

will clean this and put some neverseas on it

acces to the throttle bodie

flanges off and pull the throttle bodie out, top side

little vacuum bites on the rear seal

and the seals are loose, normaly they stick on very good

cleaning and new seals on , lining up the manifold... dead center on the coil bracket mount

injector wires are easy to put on from below , green is rear, white front

cleaned and neverseas on it

engine up and front bolt to 66 NM

fuel line on adn tps wire ziptied to the fuel rail

stack back on

untill the customer told me , he changes the plugs.. i asked did you check the gap ? " the what? " ok will check these for you...

no neverseas on the threads, and gap is a little on the small side.. check these and set theme iff needed before you put theme in... don't expect these to be the right gap...

set and a little neverseas on back in

rear one as well , plug cable pliers are very usefull for the cables

while overlooking the bike , noticed the seat supports are painted but not cleaned to give the bike good ground, as the seat supports are a active ground conductor, and the right side was loose

left one to, clean the mating surfaces after you have painted the seat frame !!

throttle cables back on

normaly not needed, but i do this anyway.. to besure it is set correctly , so butterfly completely closed , you should feel it bind )

and hit the reset tps button

and set back to 5.3 to later adjust the rpm back to 1000-1050 rpm when hot ... running allot smoother already , no sign off hasitation

so scoops back on

and some 10-32 size screws in ;-)

other bike a long way from home, exhaust upgrade

rusty race can needs to come off

loosen the front strap a little

some penitration oil on the clamp bolt and loosen this

and remove the front hanger bolt completely

noticed the bike is sweating a little oil front base cylinder gasket is leaking....

rear straps loose , when they are in the right spot you don't have to loosen the idler bracket , long socket and extention will do the trick

old one off , and new dual tip on , much smaller exhaust... really a bonus for the SCG riders

sorry bad habbit,when ever i see a old style side stand pivot i want to check if it is loose... seen to many mishaps with these

this one was loose aswell , little cleaning

and red loctite on the threads to hold it down better , grease on the pivot,

and pulling the spring back on

starting the bike... i hear some squiking noise , battery tray bracket was not really on correctly, loosend the passengers pegs bolt , bended the eye back in and put a nut on it :-) no more squicking

now fuel mapping and test ride :-)

grips and mirror upgrade , as these mirrors are about useless to see , and the grips are knock offs and the metal parts came loose

handle bar switch covers off

as the handle bar is supper wide, i put the bar end mirrors straight on the bar ends , ( as the positioning pins in the switch covers where cut off ) not a big deal

some nice bar end plates on

just engough clearance on the throttle to unsure it turns freely

and finishing tough.. mirror hole plugs

and so the same for the left side...

xb88 project... as the complete bike is going to be black, with some green details , the cases where painted black

time to build this puppy

the case was blasted with ice to clean the old coating as it was loose at some points... but still some old coating debris is in... clean it very good

reed valve back in the case , loctite on the screws

oil jets,, cleaning off the old gaskets and clean theme

new gasket ( comes with a complete engine gasket kit ) on , you see it get a oil feed from the cam gallery

oil jets cleaned

officialy there the same , but the spray hole can be a little off set, trying to mach this best for each cylinder

with the 88 slap on kit , they made a notch in the cylinders , so the cylinders have a front and rear

the oil jet sticks out a little but this is not a issue

back on with loctite on the screws... next bearings