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24-3-2016 XB12S check up.

1-5-2016 - 24-3-2016 XB12S check up.

very customized XB12S in for a check up

so little warming up to drain the oil

while the oil is draining... quick walk around, lubricate the side stand , use some sticky grease

chin spoiler bracket off to get to the oil filter

old filter off and new one on , little more than hand tight and prime it with fresh oil

check the movement on the spring loaded belt tensioner

rear wheel out to check the bearings

hidden brake caliper , nice but small brake pads , even tough you might not use it much they will wear

tap the pin out that holds the brake pads and spring

new pads back in , and mount the caliper back on, with this brake system you can remove the rear wheel and leave the caliper on

checking the primairy chain tension

and check the bolts on the shifter mechanime

we need to replace the left front indicator and check the dash as there is much condensation in the speedo , chewed out screws will be replaced

with dual HID lights.. it gets a little crowded behind the flyscreen

home made mod.. need to make new cable connections

dash out

and when you unscrew the screws in the back over you can take off the back cover,

electics out and dry blast it with a heat gun on low temp , there is not really a seal in there making things watter tight, but the covers slide over each other

i will put a little silicone grease on the sealing edge hope this makes it better airtight , there will always be a little condensation when the speedo heats up and cools down

connector booth also a litle silicone grease to help it seal better and dash back in

checking electrical connections under the seat

biek swapped around to check the front end

brake pads are better to replace, will not make it untill next service

press the pads in a little , helps to get the pin out

wheel bearings are still perfect

wheel back on, brake caliper on the disk.. axle cleaned and lubed

and tq down the axle , load the suspention a few times and tighten the pich bolts

caliper bolt to tq spec

with new pads.. pump the brake a few times, so there will be no surprices when you push the bike and try to brake... and you pull the lever to the handle bar

nasy the compensating rubber membrame , can get dirty , clean it and dry it while you replace the brake fuild

fresh brake fuild fron and rear

warming up the bike, and set the oil lever. and take here out for a spin

mounting new chin spoiler , on this bike i tought it would be nice to use the red bolts.. as the bike will be getting red details ove the black

looks nice