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14-2-2015 Service XB12X ,Starter motor repair.

17-2-2015 - XB12X, Brought in for check up, and Hyperpro rear spring mounting, trying to start the bike to warm up the oil for draining , bike would not start, as the starter motor clutch was slipping.


XB12X, chin spoiler is having vibration issues.


XB12X , on bought sides.


XB12X , gearbox oil drain, and shifter removed.


XB12X as only the cover needs to get off , i leave the cable and shifter mount on it, chain tesioner loose.


XB12X , clutch pull mechnism out.


XB12X , and loosen and remove the cover screws.


XB12X , the cover can be take and lay down to the side , some protective material not the damage the cover.


XB12X , you now have acces to the starter motor mounting bolts.


XB12X , if you line up the clutch basket the hex socket will go in there.


XB12X , move to the other side, now is the time to get the battery dis connected.


XB12X, with pulley cover off, free the wires.


XB12X , you will need to loosen the oil line bracket to remove the upper oil line.


XB12X , take the c-clip out off the fitting, and pull the oil line out and out off the way, as this a breather line, normaly there will be oil spill.


XB12X , push with a flat screw driver under the connector tab in to the starter motor to release the lock, and pull it out.


XB12X 2008 and up speed sensor have a really hard to handle connector.


XB12X , much easyer to remove the complete sensor with connector attached, plug the hole , so nothing can fall into the gearbox.


XB12X, pull back the rubber gaiter on the battery feed connection to the startermotor , and unscrew the nut.


XB12X , now with the connections loose and wires out off the way, the starter motor can come out.


XB12X , loosen and remove the bolts, and push the starter motor back.


XB12X , needed to loose the rear tie rod to make room.


XB12X, starter motor out,


XB12X a little cleaning before i take it apart, unscrew the 2 long rods.


XB12X , and remove the 2 screws hidden under the gasket in front off the startermotor.


XB12X , a gentle tap, and the front piece will come loose.


XB12X , somethings can fall out so do this over a clean service.


XB12X, the start motor clutch is a complete unit and is loosely fitted in the noose of the startermotor, a light tap and it comes out.


XB12X , old one out, new one in, i like to lube the bearings and gears before putting it back in.


XB12X , clutch tapped back in place, and reduction gear back in cleaned and greased up the bearing rolls.


XB12X startermotor noose back on the body and tighten the bolts.


XB12X , and the rods back in and tighten.


XB12X , new gasket on and mounting the bolts.


XB12X , battery feed back on, slide the gaiter back over the connection.


XB12X , speed sensor back in.


XB12X , C-clip mounted back in the fitting, and puch back the oil line.


XB12X , silde the back piece off the zaddle in place.


XB12X , and screw the bolt in with the outer part off the saddle.


XB12X , rear tei rod fastened.


XB12X , and position the wireing so it will not rub and have enough clearance to the header , secure with a ziptie.


XB12X , primary cover back on.


XB12X , gearbox oil in and set to level.


XB12X , clutch pulling mechanism mounted and adjusted.


XB12X , and adjusting the free play on the primary chain.


XB12X , with the rear wheel in the air , check the bearings, pads become thin ! will mention this , as he like to do little things him self to the bike.


XB12X , 35000 with original bearings.. very good, but there almost gone now , i will replace these.


XB12X , fresh bearings pressed in , and wheel back in.


XB12X , finaly startup to warm up the oil.


XB12X , Oil drain.


XB12X , Filter change.


XB12X , and refill.