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18-2-2015 Uly finish service, XR1200 rear Shocks.

19-2-2015 - Uly service finish, and Hyperpro rear spring, the Uly can use a little help in the rear if you drive with cases and passenger, as the stock spring is a little light.

Bike in the hoist to get the weight off 
The spring can be found here:

Uly rear Spring, loosening the remote preload adjuster. The spring can be found here:


Uly rear Spring, removing the ecm to get to the canister holding clip.


Uly rear Spring , screw the spacer and bolt back in so you don't loose the nut.


Uly rear Spring , canister clip off as the complete shock needs to come out.


Uly rear Spring , with the weight off the bike the ,mounting crews can be take out with our tension, lower bolt.


Uly rear Spring , and top bolt , cut the zipties holding the breather hose and remote oil line.


Uly rear Spring , and you can pull out the shock assembly ,sometimes it is easyer to raise the bike a little more.


Uly rear Spring , shock in the press removing the holding plates. The press can be bought here:


Uly rear Spring , the replacement spring is a little beefier and a little more progressive. The spring can be found here:


Uly rear Spring , new spring on the shock. The spring can be found here:


Uly rear Spring , and slide it back on , tighen the monting bolts. The spring can be found here:


Uly rear Spring , use never seas on the remote preload bolts, they tend to corrode. never seas can be found here:


Uly rear Spring , bike turned aroud to check the front end, bearings are still good.


Uly rear Spring, removing the brake lever for a little grease.


Uly rear Spring , it can use a little after 35000 km, bone dry, feels like new again 


Uly rear Spring , brake fluid replacement, customer has rotated the handle to suite his likings, but means the level off the fluid needs to become lower.


Uly rear Spring, as the brake pads rear are thin , but can take a few 1000 km the fluid level is low, if you don't change the pads, leave this so low, when the pads are replaced the lever will go up, if you have filled this to the max, it will come out.


XR1200, nice mods... like xmass , new shocks.


XR1200, nice mods , a nice set off custom lenght Ohlins ( the race versions but with shorter body tubes ) so the steering is not radical racing , but just very good steering , without being unstable on high speed.


XR1200, nice mods , as the guys at Ohlins set these to factory ( race ) level , i relase the pretension to see how much preload is on there


XR1200, nice mods, as i thought they come in race position.. 14mm preload, this will make the bike hard in the rear, good on the track, but not nice on the road.


XR1200, nice mods , i set theme to 10mm pre tension.


XR1200, nice mods , and set the eye- eye lenght to 39,5 ( stock is 35 cm , the full race version length is 42 cm )


XR1200, nice mods , mnnnnn he will need to make a new position bracket for his tool bag  i will remove this.


XR1200, nice mods, checking clearance to the covers.


XR1200, nice mods , bike has not the "chopper" look any more.


XR1200, nice mods ,the Headers came back from coating.


XR1200, nice mods , a little sanding is needed as the pipe fittings are make tight , the coating adds to the thickness.


XR1200, nice mods , exhaust back on. Exhaust can be found here: have free TTS tunes to upgrade the ECM.


XR1200, nice mods , tank and airbox back on. Our High Performance airbox can be found here:


XR1200, nice mods , and running warm to check the oil level and cure the coating on the pipes.


XR1200, nice mods , brake fluid change.


XR1200, nice mods , can't get use to the left 10 mm bleeder and right side 8mm bleeder :-X


XR1200, nice mods , bike turn around, to check the front end.


XR1200, nice mods , calipers off and wheel out.


XR1200, nice mods , wheel bearings are good to go.


XR1200, nice mods , wheel back in and thighten the nut.


XR1200, nice mods , pads can go for a little while, will talk to the customer to keep a eye on theme.


XR1200, nice mods , and caliper back on.