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28-4-2016 1125 R service and wheel color change, X

6-6-2016 - 28-4-2016 1125 R service and wheel color change, Xb R front end, fighting a front mount XB

nice 1125r familiar one, in for service and color change to the wheels

as the coating off the wheels will take some time, i take these out and send theme off to the coater , and mount some sparewheels , rear brake caliper off , long extention , position the disk with the big holes on the bolt

temperary wheel in , so i can move the bike

front wheel to take out. fender off

the front wheel bearings where binding on the axle , if you notice this take a block off wood and a hammer and give it a tap , this ususaly breaks the seazing

not the corrosion band on the axle where the bearings ride...clean it and put some sticky grease on the axle before you put it in

temperary front wheel in

little reminder not to pull the front brake lever, with out the disk. the pistons can pop out

making the wheels ready for coating, disk off

thire off, wheel bearings out and tire valve out

same for the rear wheel .. to be coated gold

old race bikes never die... but she needed a little attention.

as we going to change the sparkplugs, the airbox need to come off, notice a little oil in the rear section, piston rings will be the next thing

left scoop off, and spark plug out

rear plug change from the top, model 2 off the spark plug wires , they look done for,

and the reasr one i pulled the connector off

the last model sparkplugs wires have angled boots on bought sides

so you position the cable and it would not rubb on to things

airbox based cleaned and back on

little some thing i noted, battery charger feed cable eyeled is broken, i will put a new one on

front end service, and front end alining , as the customer felt is sticking and a little, having raced with this bike, he can feel a dime on the road , and surtenly a sticking front end,

so pich bolts loose

and front wheel out, bearings are ok

loose the clipons

and the legs out , some isolation tape on the top cap nuts to protect theme from marking

mnn did not notice this, when on the bike, the reboud damper was also out off center, right front lower leg is bend... called the customer, and ok to replace.. so lower leg ordered

but i will continue with the things i can do for your, retightening the steering head bearings

marking loose clip ons... easy to put theme back.. , i put this bike to the side , and wait on the lower leg

engine rotation Uly... needed to fight this one every turn, the bolt seazed in the thread insert in the frame , loosening the bolt, made the insert turn also.. need to unscrew it so a 1" spanner could be put in the thread insert

corroded front bolt, keep these clean and well lubricated. they are a pain to remove when thye are corroded