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1-12-2017 front disk XB service finish, front fork

1-2-2018 - What did we do today 1-12-2017 Buell Xb front and service finish, front fork set XB prepping for tube frame, Buell M2 engine noise, M2 lowering

front axle out 

wheel bearings are still ok

disk removed, checking the springs not corroded tight

galfer disk on.. set the bolts to 35 Nm

warped disk. you see the wear pattern in the pads... please put some new pads in with a new disk 

new pads mounted 

wheel back in caliper on. bolts to 50 NM 

front axle to 50 Nm 

pump the front brake to pressure.. no surprices 

changing the frotn brake fluid.. the membrame bleeded some fluid already over time , clean this before you put it back

new fluid front 

and rear 

warming up to check oil level 

making it nice.. original mirrors removed.. put some plugs in , cut the ends off as they will stick out other wise 

they call theme short... but cut theme anyway a little;-)

better :-) 

lock was around the passenger pegs... i will leave this for the owner.. to ruwn the new paint 

test ride.. looks nice the black tail section 

front fork set... check and press in new stem

as this front end will go in a X1 a custom stem is needed to make it fit 

first striping

and press out the old stem

i can use a round pipe to support

to press the old one out 

pressing in the new stem

good and tight fit . nice 

so front legs.. just a check up and fresh oil

inspected and cleaned.. bleed the damper

and set the oil level 

index the markings , makes it nice

index the markings , makes it nice

and legs back in 

top plate on

there is room to play with the height . that is good 

and setting the suspention for the customer

sinterklaas had come.... brought some nice red XR1200 wheels 

m2 engine noice , a knocking noise is heard .. i think rocker arms to cover ? but wil not leave it to long running 

m2 engine noice , a knocking noise is heard .. i think rocker arms to cover ? but wil not leave it to long running 

fuel tank of

and Xb breathers of

for the hard to get to bolts we have a special tool 

cover off, no signs off toughing 

and the rockers look ok 

front one .. some what harder to get to

will take off the filter to 

stenzel strut... extra brace to strenghten the front engine mount , nice but incredible in the way ;-) 

making room steering damper off

and coil off 

now to support the engine

and remove the front mount bolt 

rovker cover off front looks all ok 

taking off the rocker box 

bolts out

leaving a rag for oil leaking 

rocker boxes off 

nice made to lenght pushrods

i mark theme anyway 

 ·exhaust off 

and loosening the headers

nordlock rings are used under the header nuts

bad sign... oil inside

mnnn... not good

so head off 

oil and something has been ticking 

shit.... piston is smeared on the cylinder wall

and missing a pice in the intake valve pocket

piston ring is now clamped.. will remove it and double check the gap set to

but looks like these have been to hot


M2 lowering. belt tension is to tight

so loosen it a little

better like this

we are going to lower a little the spring pre load , so the bike sits a little lower with the customer on it 

nut loose and more threads means , less tension 

droping the front .. checking how far 

head light bracket loose

supported the weight off the engine , and loosening the 4 bolts on the triple t

set it max down.. we gain about 2 cm

we need to make the left side flyscreen bracket... we had still 1 right side

plug cables with rubbing marks

new set thick ones .. better 

cleaned the paint work