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19-9-15 XB service, X1 g'r done, XB no compression

22-9-2015 - 19-9-2015 Buell XB small service, Buell X1 getting here done, XB12 with no compression.

Xb with very nice custom paint job, in for small check up

XB small check up, drain oil while still hot

XB small check up, fresh O-ring and some hydrolic loctite on the drain plug

XB small check up, checking belt and removing rear wheel

XB small check up, best way to check the bearings is to remove the wheel and spin the bearing by hand , these are ok

XB small check up, 190 tire tough and go on the old style belt guard

XB small check up, check the bolts on the shifter mechnisme, if you wiggle it around you can seen there the bolts are loose, this one the upper screw to the lever comming out off the primairy , put some loctite on !!!

XB small check up, primairy chain tension ok

XB small check up, old style side stand, check the pivot bolt...this one is solid smile-emoticon

XB small check up, front end swap

XB small check up, front wheel out to check the bearings... you can seen on the axle they have been binding, clean up and grease for protection

XB small check up, caliper back on the disk and front wheel back in

XB small check up, load the front suspention a few times to set the forks on the axle and tighen the pinch bolts

XB small check up, wtf... that is nasty... i think this is the first time in 10 years...

XB small check up, yeah i really need to clean this up first before i put even fresh fluid in

XB small check up, and a little lubrication on the lever pivot and piston surface dous not hurt

XB small check up, the tail light bulb went out... so much for a watter tight rear light.. some di-electric grease on the scocket and contacts for protection , and she is good to go

X1 g'r done, removing the undertray to get the oil tank out

X1 g'r done, bugger 1 welnut is playing hard to get out... seased in the welnutt and is spinning freely

X1 g'r done, well only a few bolts extra to get the complete tail off and have some more working space

X1 g'r done, i have good acces to the oil lines now but i really want to clean out the oil tank

X1 g'r done, and the fittings are loose as usual

X1 g'r done, took some bad words and some struggling, but i won, wellnut was corroded on the screw

X1 g'r done, so oil tank out and cleaned

X1 g'r done, best way to put here in top side first deeper , than in the bottum locator pins and pull the oil tank back

X1 g'r done, new well nuts, stainless bolts and neverseas, she will be fine for the future

X1 g'r done, breather gommet was also loose , cleaned the surfaces, and silicon kit on the gommet, puch the hose pilor in and let it dry

X1 g'r done, little hydroloc loctite ont he screw in nipples helps against sweating

X1 g'r done, nipples turned in and turned into position and screw on tight the counter nut

X1 g'r done, ready for the new oil lines

XB12XT, dropped off by the road service.. pulling a way at the traffic light and the engine stopped... starting sounds like no compression ( high starting rpm )

XB12XT no compression, ok front plug out

XB12XT no compression, front plug is wet... but works with the clean spark mode

XB12XT no compression, rear plug dry.. and also works

XB12XT no compression, rear compression... mnnn way to little

XB12XT no compression, as is the front .. tested with leak detector, and this one came out with almost no leaks ?!? mnnn well if the valves are not opening it can not suck air to make allot compression ?!?> check cam movement

XB12XT no compression, as this is a 2009 model you can easy check the cam movement by removing the oil pump cover


XB12XT no compression, ok... cranks is turning but the cams / oil pump not. lets hope only the pignon gear key broke... but need to take some other stuff off first