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20-4-2016 Buell Xb intake flanges, tyre swap Uly

31-5-2016 - 20-4-2016 Buell Xb intake flanges, tyre swap Uly

nice XB9 in to fix the intake leak, customer wanted our upgrade flanges right away.

so striping the covers and making ready for engine rotation

on the Firebolt and lightning models remove the left foot peg bracket as this will hit the primairy cover

remove the 3 bolts holding the v-brace

and loose the clutch cable and unhook this from the lever

see if this works, and can get the engine rotated enough to work on

with the engine supported, unscrew the front bolt... nice and rusty... will clean this up

lowers ready.. moving on to the top side , airbox off

and disconnect the fuel line, throttle cables and coil connector

out off the way

loosen the throttle cables in the grip ( take theme out )

and remove the top engine support bolt

i could not get enough clearance , so needed to remove the exhaust

repostioned the jack, and roteted the engine down.. the injector connectors and tps sensor connector are easy to remove from below

loosen the bolts off the flanges and the manifold holding screw in the middle

right side allen key, to loosen a cut off 1/4 allen key works very good to break the innitional bond

when these allen bolts are loose i switch over to a ball end but and wobblely extentions ( you can not put much force on these, as the ball end will slip in the head )

and take the manifold out

leaky seals

clean up the mating surface on the cylinder heads

and inspect and clean the intake runners

check the new flanges if they fit good over the runners , also check if the runners are not oval ( the flange hole is perfecly round

check if the milled surface on the heads is made large enough so the flange will fit flat, in some cases the radius on the head will prevent the flange from mounting flat , as our flanges are bigger and stronger , if the radius on the head is interfearing , round off the flanges a litle so they will fit flat

aply the moutning grease on the o-ring to make theme stick ont he flanges and protect during mounting

and place the manifold with the flanges back. it is easier to put the left side bolts in later ( the sliding hole )

nice and center on the side support off the manifolt , and tighen the flanges

reconnect the injectors green = rear, white = front

engine back up, check if no sensors are caught under the frame, front bolt cleaned and lubed

front mounting bolt tq down to 66 Nm

and tighen the v-brace bolts again

clutch cable hooked in and readjust the free play

leaking exhaust connections... easy fix

clean and aply a little exhaust mounting paste

look and see... old model side stand pivot ... i can't help my self to try theme if there still tight .. this one was not

so pivot off clean and 272 loctite on it :-) will take a while before this one works it self loose again

exhaust spring puller very usefull to mount the side stand spring back

top side reconnect ... fixated the tps sensor wire to the fuel rail , so the connections going in the sensor will not vibrate

airbox base back on... wiggle the base plate between the slots on the velocity stack

translucent body work... us the spacers !!!! and foam washers to keep it nice.. handle with care

off course test your work.. and test ride

Uly time, tyre change

lower belt cover off

and axle loose and out ( remove the brake caliper + bracket )

bearings still feel good. but the are loose in the wheel :-( for now i glue theme in with metal glue, but long time solution will be a new wheel

nice and fresh rear tyre

bike swapped around... MX fork seal protection... nice

front supported, and pinch bolts and brake caliper bolts loose

axle out, it binded a little .. will clean and relube

wheel back on, set to tq

push down the front suspension a few times to set the front end , and tighten the pinch bolts