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What did we do today 12-9-2015, XB header porn, XR

15-9-2015 - What did we do today 12-9-2015, XB header porn, XR1200 TLC

XB header porn, very nice 2010 SX in for some checks and header upgrade

XB header porn, while the bike is riden very little, some things still go bad , neutral switch not working

XB header porn, open airbox mod.. the stud turns with the nut :-X the airbox kit can be found here:

XB header porn,so pulled off the complete lower airbox... stack off and ready to rotate the engine

XB header porn, spoiler and brackets loose to remove the exhaust 2008-2010 Torque Hammer:

XB header porn, loosening the belt to get the tensioner off

XB header porn, so little km done. but dry crack in the belt... what to do... customer was going to safe , will mount a new belt

XB header porn, multiple guess witch ones where the mounting screws again wink-emoticon remove the cover to get the belt off red pully cover can be found here:

XB header porn, exhaust off and oil change

XB header porn, left scoop off, and loosen the wires before you rotate the engine down

XB header porn, let foot peg plate off, as this will tough the primary cover while rotating the engine

XB header porn, clutch cable unhooked from the lever and right scoop off

XB header porn, and v-brace loose

XB header porn, belt removed from the pulley and mesuring the neutral switch... still works ish... but to much resistance to make a connection. Switch can be found here:

XB header porn, spark plug wire pliers helps to take the plug off the neutral switch Switch can be found here:

XB header porn,thin walled 5/8 socket , it will just go , not perfect but it works.. lot off people have difficulty to remove the pulley, and this is a perfect work around Switch can be found here:

XB header porn, new switch in , and checking Switch can be found here:

XB header porn, mmnn missing a screw... will put a new one in. removing the right foot peg plate to make room to change the belt

XB header porn,swingarm brace out , and belt can be removed

XB header porn, new belt on , swing arm brace back on first, and use some loctite on the screws , als on the footpeg plate screws

XB header porn, on with the headers... front O2 sensor out

XB header porn, and loosen the header bolts

XB header porn, drop the engine and disconnect the reasr o2 sensor

XB header porn, clamps and c-clips put on the new heasder a little never seas, on the o2 sensor and headers on. nice. Header can be found here:

XB header porn,engine back up and start to rebuild. Header can be found here:

XB header porn, as we use the same body for all model XB TQ hammers exhaust... easy swap from Euro 08-10 headers to world header exhaust

XB header porn, new connection piece on, looks allot better than the 63 mm connection exhaust

XB header porn, exhaust mounted, belt and idler pully back on , pulley cover back on

XB header porn, as the headers are bigger, a little room needs to be made in the right airscoop Header can be found here:

XB header porn, freaking nice Header can be found here:

XB header porn, updating the fuel mapping and letting the smoke out...

On with the XR1200.. as it needs allot off love... new oil drain hose on

XR1200 TLC, new airfilter... i love this construction when the screw are corroded in :-X K&N replacement filter:

XR1200 TLC, K&N filter in the box... took out the euro flapper but left the solinoid in so it will not produce a error code K&N replacement filter:

XR1200 TLC, oil tank cover back on and some oil in

XR1200 TLC, fuel tank back in place... nice with with the quick release connections

XR1200 TLC, i wonder why the exhaust was noisy.. rear O2 sensor was loose wink-emoticon

XR1200 TLC, front fork spring upgrade and some fresh oil , and bearings check

XR1200 TLC, the bike has had a rough life.. the salty sea air on Aruba has done it no good

XR1200 TLC, front axle nut off

XR1200 TLC, pinch bolt out , and calipers off

XR1200 TLC, wheel out and 2 screws holding the forks

XR1200 TLC, rust pitting on the front fork... will try to clean it up and don't push the forks completly in while replaceing the springs, hope the seals will hold, other wise this will need new lower legs

XR1200 TLC, odd constuction , one leg is compression side, the other rebound dampening

XR1200 TLC, the progressive springs are a little shorter but work so much better

XR1200 TLC, as douse pushing the legs a little higher in the triple t , bike will handle much better

XR1200 TLC, the other leg looks for familiar to me in construction wink-emoticon

XR1200 TLC, leg in , wheel in brakes on, time to start here up