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26-11-2014 M2 health check 1125 electrical problem

27-11-2014 - Old style Buell M2 small tail in for a check over. Buell 1125R electrical problems, customer called he had electrical problem and the shop he was could not find it.

Old style M2 small tail in for a check over.


M2, health check , after running warm, and intake seals check, drain the oil.


M2, health check , and gearbox oil out to.


M2, health check , removing the shock to remove the oil pump to check the gear.


M2, health check ,front oil line off , and the pump can now be taken out.


M2, health check ,with a mirror and a light you can check the gear ( oil pump drive gear )


M2, health check, some times difficult to see.


M2, health check , a little more detail.. you see the teeth have become scary thin.. we have advised the customer not to wait to long with this repair ( he wanted to do this him self )


M2, health check , rear wheel bearing and belt check.


M2, health check , bike the other way around to check the front end.


M2, health check , unscrew the disk a little to get the caliper off.


M2, health check , and front end check , steering head bearings, wheel bearings , all ok.


M2, health check ,bike has some electrical issues , tail light not working, the socket has melted and douse not make good contact any more.


M2, health check , and tail light wiring is home made ? connectors.


M2, health check , indicators where also not working good, also bad connector and bad connections in the lights.


M2, health check, now as the customer did not know if his primary tensioner was a upgraded one , or still the old thin model , we also checked this ... it was still the thin model, and these break very easy , so we change this for the newer model.. btw never pry open the shift lever like this !!!! it will crack !!


M2, health check , best to remove the shift lever, some protective material on the cover and a long lever behind the shift lever and gently push it off.


M2, health check, little pesky screws for the inspection cover , some times need some kind words to be removed , as the 5/32 allen head rounds out the hole to fast.. a old TQ bit and impact screwdriver makes little work off this.


M2, health check , old model tensioner, a wonder it has not broken yet.


M2, health check , and the upgraded one, will never crack


M2, health check, the lock nut needs the nylon facing the cover, to seal.


M2, health check, new screws back on the inspection cover.


M2, health check ,the tail light was home made, and no orginal base plate anymore, so i modified this to suite the stock tail light again.


M2, health check , stock light on.


1125R electrical problems, customer called he had electrical problem and the shop he was could not find it, so the bike was trailer ed to us to have a look.


1125R electrical problems, removing the fairing and front lights as the electrical seams to be in the contact switch, as pulling the wires makes and breaks contact.


1125R electrical problems, having a old one to test is help full sometimes.


1125R electrical problems, with the test switch working.


1125R electrical problems, so ignition switch off, using a anti temper bit


1125R electrical problems, take the plastic cover off , this way you can take out the ignition switch more easy.


1125R electrical problems,, pulling off the cover.


1125R electrical problems,and the lock and switch out.


1125R electrical problems, some wire problem.


1125R electrical problems,look for the new switch if the notch is in the same position ( as the switch can be turned 360 deg )


1125R electrical problems, now the R model switches are not sold as replacement part anymore, the only option is a complete ignition lock. we will use the electrical switch from a S ( or CR model ) being the only difference the connecting cable is shorter, i will use the old connector to make this longer again


1125R electrical problems, ignition lock back in, with the security screws.


1125R electrical problems, and push the plastic cover back on, headlights and fairing back on and ready to go.