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20-5-2016, xb9S intake seals

17-6-2016 - 20-5-2016, xb9S changing intake seals

xb9s 2003 hassitating full throttle from low rpm

check the battery poles first next , intake seal check , right side scoop removed

let the engine idle , warm is best, so the cold start and start enrichment is off , and spray some brakecleaner in the flanges ( off course check if the vacuum port cap is there ) noticed a significant drop in rpm and ego correction runs in the low 60e ... all signs off leaking seals

so engine rotation for intake seals... i love it when the job starts with hammering out nackered screws :-X

will trow these away.. next one who needs to loosen theme would need to drill theme out

clutch cable outer adjuster turned in and unhook it from the lever

left foot peg bracket off , so it will not damage the primairy cover

left airscoop off

and remove the 3 v-brace bolts

exhaust off front bracket is broken off , will give this a weld , no front support is bad for headers and exhaust studs

rear mount bolt off to remove the exhaust

flat jack unde rthe engine to supprot the weight

and remove the front engine bolt

going to the top side... airbox cover off ..mnnn will free some easy power , the stock airinlet restriction is still in

restiction comes out easy, will leave this one out...

2003 throttle body and velocity stack... glad they upgraded this for the 2004 models

this was not a really good solution , holding bracket was way to flimsy to hold the stack down

throttle cables out the handle

noticed cheap ebay levers 2 mm play to the piston... will rattle even more

top tie rod bolt removed

and fuel line off and connectors loose

cut off 1/4 allen key is pefect to loosen the bolts before you go to ball ended bits ( they can not take much force )

left side side support screw out

will replace this one to i think ?

and throttle bodie out, it has been on a long time seals corrosion and loose around the edge

other side the same

the intake manifold has left a mark on the head

cleaning the throttle bodie... put a little neverseas on the idle adjuster so it will turn nice

cleaned new seals ready to go on.. check the flanges for position , they are marked F and R

tighten the flanges evenly untill there tight

new plug cable the newer model cables you can position out the way off obstructions