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16-2-2018 XB12R inspection, 1125 heads of

15-5-2018 - 16-2-2018 Buell XB12R service and inspection, Buell 1125CR of with the heads

xb12r familiar bike, we did the engine rebuild 4-5 years ago,

almost there.. :-)

opening up the airfilter box this needs cleaning 

and need to clean the air filter bax 

oil drain.. good 

gearbox , alsways debris on it .. no problem 

with the shift lever high. need to remove it for gear box oil 

loosening the outer cable adjuster 

and clutch mechanime out and back in after the oil is put in, just tight and 1/4 turn loose

with a llittle loctite the shifter back on

with the next set of brake pads.. we are going to replace the rear disk to, as it is wearing thin

to remove the wheel i remove the lower belt guard

oil primed for mounting

checking belt and pullys.. this one is about worn out

the belt will wear out very fast with worn out pullys, this one needs replacement to 

rear pully is stil ok

front pully nut removed, left heand thread !

rear wheel can go back in, wheel bearings are ok

removing the swingarm brace to replace the belt 

new belt on 

before you tighten the axle , the brace need to be put back in

tighten the axle , and pich bolt 

checking the primairy chain, check on 3 places, by rotating the engine, bumping the rear wheel with the bike in 5e gear

sparkplug back in, setting the gap

bugger.. time sert came out on the old , did not even notice it at front, normaly these stay tight after so many km's done

with new insert, and loctite on the outer thread, put back in 

dirt sucker 

can be possible , wen you remove the baseplate, you knock some dirt in the trottle.. some protection is good.. 

sparkplug cables check on rubbing and corrosion on the connectors 

rear plug mounting with wobble and extention piece.. , carefull cross threading is easy , turn the key by hand untill your sure the plug is in 

cables boots back on.. try to hear the connectors click.. to ensure they are on 

clean base plate 

and cleaning out the filter 

and re aply filter oil

time to check the front end 

wheel bearings is ok 

fork oil has been a while.. i will do this

as they get older, some things rubbing leave a deep mark.. protective tape is already put over this 

caliper bolt holes, are threaded with gunk, and compressed alumium , cleaning out the holes sometimes helps

protecting the top caps.. as they are still very nice 

now first to clean the lowers before i take theme apart

it has been a while for sure ... oil is dirty 

cleaning.. you can see how high the oil level was in the legs, from the corrosion.. during mounting rubb the tops with a oily hand.. to prevent this

oil in the forks.. and bleeding the rebound damper 

forks back in 

nice and tight.. turning the axle is light 

setting the tq on the caliper bolts 

and asjusting the clutch outer cable 

pushed down the suspention some times and tighten the pinch bolts

top cap of the front brake

brake fluid is nasty stuff.. it goose to rubber pores 

some fresh in 

and warming up the bike and setting the oil level.. she is good to go, untill 100.000 km

1125 head removal, front brackets loose

removing the brackets completely

carefull cutting the hose clamps.. these pipes are fragile 

draining the cooling system 

fan off with shroud

front intake running can be removed 

these are plastics

engine down. and valve cover of, looks like we got lucky with the bdp on the crank tool. front cylinder is bdp

as the cams are in bdp position , holindg the camblock tool in place until removal 

chain tensioner plug loose 

and with a magnet you pull it out 

loosening the cam gear 

double check in position 

pulling out the front chain guide

me no fool.. i drop the chain, in the case / cylinder will be a pita .. with some wire to it you can pull it back up more easy

rear chain guide only comes loose when you remove the side cover and the holding plug 

cam trail bolt loose

and taking off the valve shims

making notes from where and what , as a start for assembly 

remove the 2 small bolts in the chain tunnel 

there is also one to the front

pull theme out

loosen the thermostate hose connection tot the cylinder head

pain in the bottum, and best to loosen al the camps to make room

and the 4 head bolts loosen 

when the seal breaks. some coolant will come out

long head bolts

tada... head off cleaning and need inspection 

pistons and cylinder also need inspection.. why do they always looks the piston kissed the valves ;-)