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What did we do today 30-7-2015 Oily XB, Xb crank

1-8-2015 - What did we do today 30-7-2015 Oily XB, Xb crank

XB12 SS, 2008, leaking rocker cover gasket, only detected because the fan fuse did blow out.. has been sweating oil or some time 

Xb rocker covers , pop off the seat and have a look under it from time to time, lost to see there

Xb rocker covers , schok absorber is well oiled , wil not rust again, all signs the rear rocker cover gasket is leaking and the fan is blowing a oil vapor , and the fan will get clogged , needed to many amps and blowing the 10A fuse

Xb rocker covers , so strip top side for engine rotation

Xb rocker covers , clutch cable adjuster loose

Xb rocker covers , and hook the cable end out off the handle lever

Xb rocker covers , left scoop off 

Xb rocker covers , and disconnect the side stand and crank position sensor

Xb rocker covers , ok i could have left the exhaust on , and work around it , but as the side stand bolts are loose , i need to remove the exhaust any way , to get the bolts out

Xb rocker covers , exhaust removed and side stand bolts out, loctite on , and back in

Xb rocker covers , a left to sweat can leave a mess , left side engine looking up the frame to the rear cylinder head

Xb rocker covers, engine supported bij a jack, after loosening the initial tightening, the front engine mount bolt should come out by hand / or finger wink-emoticon

Xb rocker covers , you don't need to drop the engine completely, find the sweet spot, so you can acces all rear rockercover bolts through the frame, remove the breather, fuel line, and tps sensor connection on the 08-up models 

Xb rocker covers , locate the head temp sensor and disconnect the plug

Xb rocker covers , remove the bolt holding the plastic cable guide, and pull out the head temp wire , the cable guide needs to out off the way to get to the left rear rocker cover bolt

Xb rocker covers , loosen the cover bolts, and slide the cover out, old style leaky orange gasket visible

Xb rocker covers , new gasket in ( black ones are the upgraded ones , silde the cover back on, and take care you don't pinch the head temp sensor wire

Xb rocker covers , cover TQ down, fuel line , breather plug , and tps connector back on

Xb rocker covers , the engine mount bolts come bone dry from the factory, a little never seas on it will not hurt

Xb rocker covers , engine jacked back up, and tighten the mount bolt

Xb rocker covers , hook up the clutch cable again

Xb rocker covers , v-brace back on , mounting inner piece off the big right airscoop

Xb rocker covers , with the bike supported at the rear, remove the rear shock bolts

Xb rocker covers , and pull out the shock

Xb rocker covers , little cleaning is welcome i think 

Xb rocker covers , remove the fan bolts

Xb rocker covers , pull the fan on the bottem and slide it out , and disconnect the plug

Xb rocker covers, clean up time

Xb rocker covers, put the fan gril on the new fan

Xb rocker covers , connect the new fan and slide it back in the way it came out

Xb rocker covers , shock back in

Xb rocker covers and tighen the bolts 

Xb rocker covers , exhaust back under the bike , easy way to mount the staps is to mount the nut loosely and turn theme 180 deg, so there on top and with a long extention you can fasten the straps

Xb rocker covers before putting back the left foot peg plate, a little clean up off the swing arm

Xb rocker covers , outer big right ariscoop on, use a little neverseas on the little bolts,and don't over tighten these, the brassnuts in the plastic are not that tight

Xb rocker covers , top side making ready, base plate on

Xb rocker covers , translucent covers !! use the spacer bushings and foam washers.. the covers are very fragile for cracking

Xb rocker covers , for emercency the 10 Amp was replaced for a 15A fuse

Xb rocker covers, now with the new fan it can go back to the 10 Amp... as the fan is switched by the ecm... to much amps can make things go bad.. off cource you can always add a relais, to releave the ecm current

Xb rocker covers , last things , head light broken

Xb rocker covers , remove the flyscreen, and loosed the headlight

Xb rocker covers , remove the spring holding the bulb and place a new bulb

Xb rocker covers , system check ... put every thing back

XB crank... yet a other one in for the cranks are no longer availeble, repair is a very good option . big end bearing failure... we can not only fix it, but even make it better, with the new bearing races and pin.... off to the machine shop