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11-11-2016 winter service XB repair intake seals

25-11-2016 - 11-11-2016 winter service XB repair intake seals

this Xb is out guest this winter, for a Big service and some repairs while she is here, start with the intake seals leaking

the front engine mount is also starting to crack , hope the Back order problem is over in 2 to 3 weeks :-( so i can replace this one to

left foot peg bracket off , as this will damage the primairy cover when you rotate the engine

W-brace loose , this will rotate down with the engine

pully cover off as this will also be damaged when you rotate the engine

clutch cable loose and remove from the lever

race exhaust, you can use the jack points , i put the rear off the bike on a paddock stand

engine suported the front mount bolt can be removed

top side airbox off and remove the top tierod on the engine bracket side

velocity stack off

and zipties loose cables

disconnecting the injector plugs works best from below

harness put the way

throttle cables out the handle bar switch

and rotating the engine down

cut off 1/4 allen key to loosen the 2 right side screws

with the bolts loose a faster tool can be used to remove the screws

left side the 2 hex bolts and side support screw out

little markings

and the rubber is getting hard ( 2005 bike wth 15000 km done ) these where still the first ones

before you check for intake seals , you need to check if the vacuum port cap is still on

cleaning and preping, new seals are on, a little ceramic grease on the idle ( tps ) adjuster cable

the cable is rubbing the coil bracket, i put a 2e shrink tube over it to protect it

manifold back on tighen loosely

left and right bolts tighten, check the alinement of the side support screw

engine back up , for the new front support we need to wait

w-brace in place and tighten , i find it easy to start mounting from the left side

sorry can't help it... old style pivot , need to check.. this one is loose

uncrew completely , and clean it

with the threads cleaned bought sides to give the loctite a change , a little grease on the pivot aria

and tighen it

some sticky grease to lubricate the flats

and pulling the side stand spring back on

left peg bracket back on , normaly there is a plastic holder there to hold the fuel vent line

refitting stuff, chin spoiler back on, loctite and use the nylon washers

the front 2 screws some neverseas

top tie rod mount, i the bolt snags and the thread looks like this... stop

and first try to cleanup the threads with a chacer or tap

throttle cables back in the cam

and to the grip

connecting the cables under the airbox

stack back on... i point the open end off the spring clip to the left as there are no cables there to rubb against

base plate on , put the plate in between the stack double lip

airfilter and box back on... in theorie we can remove the exhaust valve as it is useless..

setting the tps

the bike is loved, but driven way to little

something that takes just a minute off 2 but feels so much better

clean up the old crusty grease and put some fresh silicone grease on