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30-4-2016 nice X1, XB exhaust + tail, XB9R expenci

7-6-2016 - 30-4-2016 nice X1, XB exhaust + tail, XB9R expencive O-ring

early morning, just a little health check... runs like a champ, nice X1

Xb12Stt from belgium , for exhaust and tail section

will first take off the old tail , 4 screw to the side out

and loosen the 2 screws in the undertray

after disconnecting the wires , the old stock tail come off

disasembly off the old tail i needed to smile, beer coaster used for any rattle filler, nice beer Jupiler

indicators over, special nuts come in very handy as the space is tight , and it is easy to mount this first before you put on the short tail

big right side airscoop on , the inner piece

and the outer piece, use a litle neverseas on these screws

removeving the old stock exhaust, rear straps loose

and front hanger loose, taking off the exhaust valve cable

as a chinspoiler bracket needs to be mounted , i remove the side stand , noticed one bolt was already loose , use loctite when you put this back on

exhaust on, and updated the tuning... test ride 

Xb9r started to leak oil , after a few 100 km after rebuild , customer asked if we could take care off this , looking at it looks like the pushrod o-ring is pinched

so making ready for engine rotation, exhaust off

belt idler off

v-brace loose and left foot peg plate off

and engine supported , remove the front engine bolt

making the top side ready for rotation...

thank god only the 03 models came with this intake stack... really is a crappy construction

everything loos , ready to drop the engine

headers off as we need to take the rear cylinder head off

removing the intake manifold , using a cut off 1/4 allen key works perfect to use force to loosen the bolts

and box spanners on the right side

remove the top engine support bolts

and remove the coil bracket

now you can remove the rear rocker cover

mnnnn was pure luck this gasket was not leaking..

loosen all the rocker box bolts evenly

and a little napkin on the rear, as this will be dripping some oil after you remove the rocker box

pushrods out

and loosen the head bolts , this can take a little force , i noticed the 2 short bolts needed way less force to loosen ?

and the rear head off, pinched expensive o-ring

? looks like they reused the dowl o-rings when this guy rebuild the engine? i think old hd mechanic .. these o-ring are hardly used anymore, and really should not been used with this brand and model head gasket

you see the o- ring has been crushed and smeared to the gasket

normaly i would re use this gasket, only done a few 100 km but with the o-ring crushed on it , i will take new ones.. i think this was also the cause the short ( left side ) head bolts where a little loose

nothing to say, been there done that... you make this mistake ones... it is all in the way you mount theme

new o-rings first in the head

head gaskete on

than first push the cylinder head over rocker cover so you see the o-rings go in with out damage , than located the cylinder head dowls

head bolts, drop off oil on the threads and the flats

and tighten to specifications

if you can not see the markings on the pushrods, note they have a different lenght , exhaust is longer

rocker box back on, as there are no locating pins.. start all the bolts before you start tightening

start witht he 4 big bolts , gently tighten so the rocker box stays level and the tappeds have time to bleed

these gaskets can be a pain.. a drop off silicone gasket can help to hold it in place and rocker cover back on

engine mount bolt back in , use loctite , coil bracket on center this one, as it doubles as manifold support

headers back on.... nuts rear can be a hassle to put theme back on... i find using my finger the best methode

our flanges where fitted, i will put new o-rings in

little cleaning , new o-rings and mounting grease to protect the o-rings during mounting

flanges pushed on, the manifold, and put the thin o-rings in place , some mounting grease will hold theme

manifold back on

manifold back on

engine back up

exhaust back under

and connecting the top side..