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5-9-2018 1125CR service, XB12 problems, 1190RX

21-2-2019 - What did we do today 5-9-2018: Buell 1125CR making it better, Buell XB12 problems, primairy cover XB , EBR 1190 RX crash repair, Buell 1125 mishap repair

very nice 1125Cr in for basic checks.. rotor oil jet upgrade 

and make the trottle lighter... quick throttle was mounted.. and cables broke ( and very heavy pull )

stator to regulator wires are crimped to getter , no connector ( stator was burned and replaced ) 

the HD wire harnes fix.. will take it out right away so the bike will charge below 5000 rpm —

stock filter.. meehh will replace for K&N also more fun intake noise 

remove the idle air control cables 

unscrew the cable from the sollinoid 

lock the 2 throttle cams to getter , so they can not longer move indipendent —

the quick trottle cables are nicked already 

and the barrel was pulled of the cable end ( so much force needed ) 

xb was not running good.. stutters accelation 

intake stack was not mounted good , so sucked vacuum to the top off the airbox 

on with the 1125.. ignition cover needs to come of , so oil line loose —

pick up sensor out 

and cover screws out 

new and shiny stator 

but i think the rotot is still old with out a oiljet 

indeed old one out.. modified one in the oil jet visible in the center 

cleaning the threads sprag holder

sprag clutch back in pre lube these 

rotor on, index the holes sprag holder

loctite. i do even 272 red on these 

nut also 272 and freaking tight 400 NM 

little bead silicone on the gater rubber to seal better

double check stator bolts 

loctite these to !!!! 

cover back on

oil line in 

and checking the bearings

pulling new throttle cables 

mounting to the throttle bodie 

removing the hd wireharnes patch 

and using these cable to make a new connector between th stator and regulator —

so we can loosen these with out haveing to cut theme 

idle control air hose always pops off

put a ziptie on it —

check.. running and charging 

updating the fuel mapping.. for some more smootnes and power 

airbox base on

always check the throttle is not sticking.. this case the throttle cams run into the airbox rubber 

trying with out the rubber gater 

the throttle cam is rubbing here.. 

cut a little strip of the rubber 

now the airbox base sits corect and the throttle douse not bind

replacing the quick throttle grip and switch unit 

sid ejob.. clutch gone Xb9SX .. and allot of play on the cable 

strong suspect .. primairy cover 

the resting edge has broken of. cover needs repair of replacement 

customer ok for replacement so removing the shifter ( with added quick shifter )

clutch cable loose from the handle bar

so you can turn it out as straight as possible , not to stress the connection

oil out and primairy chain tensioner loose 

the chain tensioner needs to put in the new cover 

as normal with the newer blue plastic ones..hardy any wear 

new shifter seal in the cover 

cove ron and to tension 

oil in and to level 

cltuch mechanisme in

and shifter lever on 

clutch cable pushed trought the upper plate and att. to the lever 

hole plug in

adjusting and checking the primairy chain 

ready to go 

customer asked to check the setting for the quick shifter... personaly i don't like this for 1 and 2e gear.. needs to get use to.. road bike low rpm you notice it in running 

anyway 1125 last bits on

and test ride this beautiful Cr a nice adition to their collection :-) 

1190 RX crash repair.. finaly parts are in.. and i can walk slowly 

windscreen of 

mirrors of 

also needs some tough up on the frame , so airbox cover of 

lower location screws 

closed airbox under the , in need to say , very flimsy body work

the crash side 

now first new wheel in , so the bike can be transported 

press pins half way on the frame mount 

airduct fan right side 

center cover

and head light out —

right side mid fairing.. very very flimsy plastics. breaks when you look at it 

other side headlight 

connectors head light out 

left side fairning of 

while this side was up still the moving of the fairing made this side break also some tabs 

one of the first on europe... some are T30 , some are T27... very funny 

airduct / splat guard of 

little dent in the wheel 

caliper of 

front axle is much bigger diameter than 1125 /XB front.. so stiffer

rear wheel 2010 spacer in the front wheel ;-) 

disk is ok.. so removing it 

Ebr mounting system 

wheels so light usualy can not be fixed... note not only the dent in the wheel , but also te cracks .. this is no longer safe to work with

disk on the new wheel .. loctite on the screws

and set theme to tq

spacer back in

and caliper back on

set to TQ with soe loctite

replacing the levers 

for some very nice ones

these come with pivot buchings for the push rod.. and even a litle amount of lubricant 


brake side to 

vey nice with TUV ( e-mark ) 

starting to look good again

1125 crc mishap

shifter replacement 

pivot pin out foot ped —

ne peg in and screwing in the hero blob 

clutch lever replacement

recovering the pod cover speed nuts 

and the damaged pod cover back on