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11-7-2015 Uly service,rubbing wires, X1 g'r runnin

13-7-2015 - What did we do today 11-7-2015 Uly service,rubbing wires, X1 get here running

Ully service, pre holiday check , daily driver 

Ully service, it helps to have come handy tools ,mini ratchet with T27 smile-emoticon

Ully service, while the oil is draining little walk around the bike to check for loose bits and things, bone dry side stand, little grease and works like new again

Ully service, drain plug back in, little hydrosealant loctite helps against sweating drain plugs

Ully service, remove the rear brake caliper for rear wheel check

Ully service, new oil filter on , prime with some oil and a wet finger over the o-ring

Ully service, when the 08 up bikes get older check the oil line connections, the lines vibrate the locking clip can ware out , check if there still tight and good

Ully service, belt check for ware

Ully service, and bearings check

Ully service, with the wheel out, lift the belt off the idler pully and check the bearing on the belt wheel

Ully service, wheel back in and check the primairy tension

Ully service, bike turned around for the front end , removing the wheel 

Ully service, bearings still ok

Ully service, fresh rubber on 

Ully service, and mount the front back up TQ the axle

Ully service, wheel striping come with a handy dispenser... for the brake disk side cut a piece off the guide tab so you can slide it accross the disk mounting points

Ully service, nice smile-emoticon

Ully service, brake fuild change... do it atleast every year ! hot weather ... long down hill braking and fully loaded bike... you really don't want the brakes to fail half way down

Xb rubbing wires, strange behavior off the electrics... check for rubbing wires... cables to the ecm where rubbing to the battery pole just sometimes making contact

Xb rubbing wires, reisolated the wires and pull theme out the way off the battery pole

X1 g'r running, we where going through some options what to do... well if the ecm is still working, it is little work to get this function again , only for ignition , and will be cheaper that a dyna2000i , so cheked if the ecm was in working order as it was

X1 g'r running, ok out with the old stuff

X1 g'r running, rusty cams for the breaker points... manoman 

X1 g'r running, ok X1 pick up cup on the cam

X1 g'r running, pick up sensor on

X1 g'r running, routed the pick up wire to the harness

X1 g'r running, repaired temperary the coil wires from the ecm , and mounted a coil for testing 

X1 g'r running, check the base timing

X1 g'r running, hehe... she is alive , and running nice 

X1 g'r running, routed back the wire from the rpm meter ( was directly connected to the single fire coil ) and did not work properly, made temperory connection... hehe RPM meter works also again... nice ... now to fix everything nice and route the wires good