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24-11-2018 Uly intake and fork seals, inspection X

16-4-2019 - What did we do today: 24-11-2018 Buell XB12X intake and fork seals, inspection Buell XB12R get her running again

uly swapped around to do the front end

re connecting under the bonnet

push cables are also fraiyed.. i will replace these to

old cables out 

new cables in works best with the inner cable pulled back fully

attaching to the throttle cam

and attaching to the grip

adjusting the free play on the cables.. needs a little to move nice , and not stick

ziptie the tps wire to the fuel rail , to protect the connectings against vibration 

stack back on.. confirm it is mounted correct, 

airbox baseplate mounted back

clutch pivot was broken 

removing the old one

and mounting the new

guard back on 

we are replacing the fork seals as the forks has been mounted under tension and the seals where leaking becuase off this 

caliper bolt loose 

caliper bolt holes can be threaded by old loctite or crushed aluminium in the hole.. dril back to size 

1 out

2 out 

protect the cap nuts against markings from the big socke

forks apart in the spring tensioner 

we going to mount low friction SKF seals.. note these come with a spacer ring 

little low temp gease for mounting

dust , oil and spacer on 

the guide bushings where ok 

and tapping the seals home 

spring in

filling with oil 

see the level after bleeding the rebound damper.. important you do this.. to set the level correct 

indexing the rebound adjuster to max

and turn the top cap + rebound needle back in the damper tube.. hold the lock nut. and when the needle bottems in the seat , turn the lock nut up and tighten , this way you will always have the full range off adjustment 

1 leg in

front end to getter

relocted the ecm so the seat will no rest on the connectors and crack these

after throttle body cleaning.. resetting the tps 

back out untill the butterfly is fully closed and "sticking"when you push the throttle 

and hit the reset tps button ( all 1999-2007 injection buell ) screw back to 5,1 and warm here up to set the idle speed to 1000-1050 rpm 

no starting XB12R for check up 

plugs where blown.. so new plugs in 

and fix the bad starting system .. neutral switch has to much resitance

20 KOhm on the old switch light will burn , but start inhibiter can fail sometimes.. and sound like the battery is low

new switch ... much better

while we have the belt of check anyway... mnnn 

cranking .

and fraiing

and 15 years old belt ( first model ) i call the customer to replace it as precausion 

old belt off

and new belt on 

wheel back to tension 

and checking the front end 

wheel bearing and brakes are ok.. she is ready to go