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9-3-2016 Uly front seal, XR1200 making pretty&loud

1-5-2016 - 9-3-2016 Uly front seal , XR1200 making her pretty and loud

Uly front fenders... first time you notice a leaking fork seal is when there is oil on the rim or on the floor

with the fender removed , easy to spot

front supported and front leg out , for cleaning before i take it apart

my fork service tool was still set on S models wink-emoticon than you notice the hight differance

checked the rebound settings, before i unscrew the adjuster rod / top cap

remove the c-clip under the dust seal

and make a slide hammer motion to pop the old seal out

mnnn rust pitting.. all weather bike.. it is just near the bottom off the fork travel will clean the edges and see ho this will hold —

little protection to slide the new seals on ( electrical isolation tape )

i put the clip over the dust seal to it can not rattle on the tube while mounting

little mounting grease right side off the seal up ( usealy the side with the spring behind the seal lip )

seals and guide bushings back on

i use the seal mounting tool on a position off the forks the seals will not be during use , in case the tool leaves marks

leg back to getter, bleed the damper good, and fill with oil... Uly oil level, i found my sweet spot.. this is the only one i do with the spring in and keep it about 10mm below the , perfect or Uly

idex the marking points and put the cap back on

pads still ok , not spoiled by the oil

fork back in

front wheel and axle back and tighten to specs.. off course we have checked the wheel bearings

brake caliper back on

light grade loctite on the fender bolts

load the suspention a few time to set the forks on the axle

and tighten the pinch bolts... ready to go

XR1200 new customer , in for some power and sound and handlebar indicators

stock exhaust XR... puuw that is a long time ago, for me i start removing the rear mufflers

that is 2 kilo wight reduction

and a other 2 kilo

the front bracket is bolted from below . to fast to focus .. sorry

O2 sensors disconnected

and loosening the exhaust nuts... lucky me , i tried to fasten/ loosen a few times , but the front ones are always corrode the hardest . that is one snapped :-X

rear ones usualy come with with out a hinge

lucky number 2 front one snapped also... 2 out off 4 just my lucky day

first headers off , that is a other 4 kilo..puuff heavy HD steel

bought studs broke clean off

i made some long drill bit 6.3 mm ( tap size for 5/16 ) so i can do something on the bike rather than taking the head off


with the jims drilling tool lined up , and sharp cobalt dril bit it is realtive easy, off course it helps if you have done this many many times wink

one down , one to go , for the front one you need to left the engine from the mounts to clear the frame pipe —

ok... that is fixed, and on with the job

front mount can be removed

notice the thickness off the mount, this needs to be filled for the lower 1/4 srew other wise the cover can tought the front pulley ( is included in this kit ) other wise find some washers to compensate

conical of flat exhaust gaskets, the original pipes are made for conical gaskets —

while most aftermarket pipes are made for flat gaskets , so flat it is

headers on , not tight yet , just enough to hold on

rear bracket mounted

alsway a pain loose nut plates to hold the muflers

yep always a issue with teh V&H system very close to the swing arm, i will try to position it so it has some more cleanance

mnnn ... temp worker at the V&H plant ? i will put these on right

mounting the HPA box , removing the cover , remove the North - south - east -west screws

and pull off the cover start at the front

loosen the air box screws

in this case as i need to change the front indicators i remove the fuel tank completely

while we are here, some guys in the XR1200 owners had troubles with loose throttle plates ( and breaking ) just checking .. these are tight

euroflapper replacement resistor on the connector so it will not trow a error code

HPA velocity stack on the slot indicateds how it needs to go on

remounted the breather hosed from the old airbox, and used the longer hoses to make this a little higher for the higher velocity stack

position the HPA airfilter in the lower half off the box

and close the top, check the filter fits in the top slots and gently tighten the screws , hand tight is good !!

hpa Air filter in place , nice looking, more power , longer filter life and and induction noises .. i know what i would want on my XR

but first new front indicastors , customer asked for some handle bar indicators, so odd with the old

mark the handle bar for referance so i mount it back the same position

left side making a hole in the grip... easy use a hammer the handle bar will work like a hole punch , you see the grip is worn

nice indicastors

assembles for 1 inch handle bars

drilled a hole in the middle off the bar to guide the indicastor wires