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23-7-2015 Buell M2 TLC Buell Ullysses customizing

24-7-2015 - What did we do today 23-7-2015 Buell M2 taking care of here, Buell Ullysses customizing

M2 TLC, doing it the hard way ( official way ) replacing isolators, looks like a lot off work but if you get down to it, not the biggest job around 

M2 TLC, pulling out the oil pomp to have some lenght in the oil lines , battery cables loose, top tie rod bar loose , don't forget to remove the oil filter wink-emoticon

M2 TLC,the frame can be lifted enough to slide the isolators in

M2 TLC,, lying up the holes

M2 TLC, and tq down the screws to 100 Nm

M2 TLC, combination with oil pomp gear check ... looking good

M2 TLC, the odd bolts and hard to reach places

M2 TLC, stator leads secured again with zipty

M2 TLC,, breather and retun line back to the oil tank

M2 TLC,, loose fitting on the carb bracket

M2 TLC,, loosen clean, sealent / selant ring and fasten again

M2 TLC,, air filter back in place

uly custom front end.... street fighter headlight , but allot off wires in sight ... thinking about flyscreen options ?

uly custom front end.. 

uly custom front end.. other way around

uly custom front end.. don;t know yet 

uly custom front end.. heck off allot off wires to hide

M2 TLC, exhaut back on

M2 TLC belt tension set, thighten the axle nut

M2 TLC belt guards back on , belt tension is nice

M2 TLC, tail section back on with the luggage straps

M2 TLC , top tierod fastened

M2 TLC, and tank back on, the retention plates points to the back

M2 TLC, breather filter for the open end hose

M2 TLC, i think this will be a nice position, with inner fender as protection 

M2 TLC, front end check bearings and steering head play

M2 TLC, and brake fluid change

M2 TLC. also rear

M2 TLC, brake light did not work with the front lever, easy check if there is a wire or switch poblem, testlight should work, as the switch is disconneting when the brake lever pushes the button

M2 TLC, new switch , back on

M2 TLC, warming up and oil level check... to to high... middle will do , keep it below the level off the breather return , other wise the cylinder head breather will spuw allot off oil out