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16-7-2014 Buell Xb12X, M2.

17-7-2014 - Buell Xb12X, alarm problems. Buell M2 oil leaks.

 Buell Xb12X, alarm problems, we received this bike from the customer, with the alarm ripped out, as it did make some problems, now to reconnect the wiring.


Buell Xb12X, alarm problems, the alarm box ( and sirene was already take out )


Buell Xb12X, alarm problems, usualy there are only one or 2 connecting made.


Buell Xb12X, alarm problems, feed over contact made on the head light.


Buell Xb12X, alarm problems, reconnected the original wires ( solder theme ) and isolation, easy fix.


Buell Xb12X, alarm problems, but the battery is dead.. will eave it overnight on the revitalizer charger.. see if we can still make something out off it.


Buell Xb12X, alarm problems, but with the booster pack, elecrtical system and engine are running.


Buell Xb12X, alarm problems, flyscreen back on... not with the chewed on screws!


Buell Xb12X, alarm problems, some new screws and washers.


Buell Xb12X, alarm problems, customer also wanted to have a little inspection on the bike, belts is almost done ( cracks )


Buell Xb12X, alarm problems, brake pads rear need replacement.


Buell Xb12X, alarm problems, noticed a 2010 upgrade wheel was mounted already  ( the 3 bearings construction is much more reliable )


Buell Xb12X, alarm problems, headers heavy corrosion... don't toughs... i think all the studs will break  , clutch cable bracket added to the list.


Buell Xb12X, alarm problems, leaky clutch cable.


Buell Xb12X, alarm problems, and cylinder base gaskets are starting to sweat.


Buell M2 oil leaks, this bike is hardly riden, but it lost a lot off oil.


Buell M2 oil leaks, customer said all the oil was gone... i explained that the oil level will drop as the oil runs down in the sump after some time. if you see oil, first start it, and let it run for some time to get the oil back in the tank, before you fill with oil.


Buell M2 oil leaks, leaks appear to come from the left side off the oil tank.


Buell M2 oil leaks, return line with out a hose clamp and the connection is loose.


Buell M2 oil leaks, breather line nipple is also very loose in the rubber.


Buell M2 oil leaks, first drain the tank some more.


Buell M2 oil leaks, the screw on nippel types you need to fasten the counter nut to secure the nipple.


Buell M2 oil leaks, oil tank out.


Buell M2 oil leaks, the feed line hose end is done, will put a new oil line in.


Buell M2 oil leaks, pulling out the return and feed line from under the bike.


Buell M2 oil leaks, new feed line routed back in.



Buell M2 oil leaks, it help the have the lover T connection loose , so you can easy twist the drain hose over the oil tank mounting bracket, and fasten after it is in position.


Buell M2 oil leaks, i put in some new well nuts.


Buell M2 oil leaks, cleaned the return connection and a little hydrolic sealer loctite will help it not to sweat, fill with oil ( the amount that was drained from the tank , start the engine and check if there is oil coming out off the return, as the routing from the feed line is not really smooth, it could not flow properly, oil pressure check light can come on after some time ! watch for this , when you replace the oil lines.