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30-9-2016 1125 engine Swap, crash repair Xb, 1125

12-10-2016 - 30-9-2016 Buell 1125 engine Swap, Buell XB crash repair, Buell 1125 fuel pump replacement

new oil filter and ring 

and new crush washer for the left drain plug, a little hydrolic sealent on there 

checking the clutch... good to go, no leaks , so bleeding it 

the throttle cables on 

mnnn these exhaust gaskets are not going to work

with some fresh ones works allot better

exhaust on. right front always a pita to tighten this mounting bolt 

filling up the coolant

electics check ? everything works but the dash stays blank ? 

but the starter motor ( reused from a old engine ) sound like it is seazed 

ok need to remove the oil cooler for this , hairclips out

and cooler off 

only hold on by 2 screws 

and wiggle it out, the o-ring nose cone is pushed in the engine casing and turns over the little gear in front off the rotor 

testing the starter , so i know it is not bad contact... yep this one is fubar, as the rest off this engine was also seazed.. i think this was lying around in a damp barn ?

as the startermotor from the blown engine is also not really useble ;-) i contacted the owner, as a new starter is pretty expencive 

old testing dash works , so will take the one from the bike apart to see if i can fix it 

get 'r on the road again... not nice , but safe for now, the nice part will come later 

front indicator first 

brake lever just a little bend

works better like this ;-) 

side seat post on

brake fluid reservoir back on

battery tray and undertray back on

little bending is needed for the seat bracket


licence plate bracket is bend , but the tail section is still ok , nothing broke, only some scratches

tail section on 

new foot peg

and i will replace the rear brake light switch 

new one on. and bleeding the system 

will not polish out :-( 

for now we put a new puck on, looks a bit better and when the customer has more budget , we can see if we can pull the dents out and repaint the frame completely , for now this needs to do 

i put some silicone under and will tape it down while it dries 

seat lock back on

battery in , now waiting on the left seat post , did not arrive today, but us a matter of 4 bolts now 

1125 fuel pomp issues, we decided to replace the fuel pomp... as is looks like it is seasing when it gets hot... draining the fuel tank with the diagnostics fuel pump test allot cleaner than by the drain plug

last little bit out

exhaust off 

and right foot peg assembly loose 

rear wheel needs to come out to 

caliper off

and i will replace the wheel bearings as these are nackered 

rear brake line off the swing arm 

pinch bolt loose from the swing arm axle

shock bolt loose 

and axle out , same size as the wheel axles 

looks like xb.. but the 1125 ones are much stronger ;-) 

and swing arm off

brake fluid reservoir loose 

ground cable loose , the stud did come out will fix this later

rear brake assembly can be pulled out the undertray completely 

and the cover off the fuel pump

fuel pump and orientation markings

big ass c-clip pliers come in handy 

in the middle off the pump is a m6 threaded hole you can use to pull the fuel pump out 

and fuel pump out 

tiny c-clip holding the brigde between the pump and the filter 

new one , old one

new one on 

and a little fiddeling later the new fuel pump can be mounted

the o-rings replaced as the old ones where swollen , little o-ring grease for mounting 

and pump back in.. the m6 bolt can be usefull with mounting to tap the pump home

ground stud has a allen hex in it to mount it 

rear brake assemlby back in

and swingarm back on

brake line in position under side 

and inner off the swing arm ( can be hard to mount with the wheel in )