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9-3-2019 . finish the XB12S

11-12-2019 - What did we do today 9-3-2019 small jobs Saturday.. finish the XB12S black out, and change tires

dual tip Torque Hammer exhaust mounted on the xb12s — at Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

loosen the wheel axle

to put the spring loaded tensioner on

chin spoiler mounted

moving up

route the wires and ziptie them dash mounting works best to pre mount the rear rubber to slide on

dash mounted

fuckly mirrors of

looking at the handle bar clamps , i better change the bolts..


adding some protective rubbing tape on the front leg to stop rubbing marks fromt he brake line

my 10 o clock came in..

tire is hacked.. not leaking but the cords are damage.. better to replace

axle loose

wheel out. and check the bearings

fresh rubber and axle in

tighten to 66 Nm

front pads are abou gone

take the caliper loose and pin out you can get the pads out

slight off hand to push the new ones back on

will clean the locite from the caliper bolts

next customer for tyre is already here.. flat out worn

1125 needs the rear caliper loose , bolts to be accesed through the brake disk

fresh rubber on and tighening the rear axle

xb12s black out sticking the rubbing tape on

the bar end mirrors need to be mounted , pulling out the plugs

to mount the bar end adaptors

leave room on the throttle grip so it douse not bind the throttle

mirrors on.. personal opinion, but i think these are one of the best and good looking mirrors around

warming up.. oil level check.. as i pulled of some covers... sheeesss..

that is more than a little to much

suction bottle to set the oil level

made little change to the fuel mapping test ride next week on a dry day :-)