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20-12-2017 XB9 engine mounting and startup

3-3-2018 - What did we do today 20-12-2017 Buell XB9 engine mounting and startup

with the engine in position, tq the rear engine bolt

belt put on

and connected the belt guards ( behind the footpeg these are taken to getter )

pully on.. and the inner cover on for 2003 only.. works as a stone guard to protect the belt 

markings.. i need to make new markings , and the old ones wil be visible

i turned the lock plate around.. looks better like this

put the bolts in with locite.. your not the first to find a bolt in the belt 

lower guards to getter the rear plate

and foot peg bracket on

checking the primairy chain tension

with a clean bike, it becomes a sport to make things as clean as possible.. frist model front exhaust hanger

in the exhaus

make sure the hanger bracket sits flat

and tighten the front clamp

remove the belt tension , by turnung the axle 15 turns out

and mount the idler pully

in place

axle tightened, and tighten the pinch bolt 

mount the lower belt guard.. holding it in the center off the pully

and pully cover on.. hold the inner cover so the belt douse not run into it

break in oil and filter on .. prime filters

covers back on.. front fender .

as we pumped there for oil.. time to start here up , so spark plugs in

and mount the reasr plu

cleaning up the mes

throttle cables on

O2 sensor wire has been rubbing very heavy

i disconnect the plug, and put some shrink tube over the wire

looks better, for a 2003 model... the later models the wire harness is better

fuel pump connector on

oil cooler scoop can be mounted

checking / setting the static timing .. need to remove the inspection plug

open your favorite diagnostics program.. the green 0 tells you the ignition trigger 

with the crank on the stipe on front cylinder TDC

the trigger should just switch

very gently move the trigger sensor and tighten if in the correct position

steel cover can go on 

as is the cosmetic cover

filling up with oil.. 3 liter will go in.. if the cases are empty like this engine 


little airpressure while the first few second to help the oil get every where it is needed fast

tps is good

and start up.. first time with airsupport

first start 10 seconds or so .. follow the instuction off your piston suplier