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16-5-2015 xb engine back in, quicky belt change XB

23-5-2015 - Xb Engine, engine is back from the engine shop, time to put it back in.


Xb Engine, the heavy parts are still off.


Xb Engine, rear engine mount on first.


Xb Engine, and top mount back on.


Xb Engine, bike in the hoist and lifted high enough to slide the engine under.


Xb Engine, lifting the engine jack to first attach the rear mount bolt.


Xb Engine, rear bolt in, lift the engine up for the front mount.


Xb Engine, loctite and tighten the front , leave the big engine bolt loose, as we will be going up a down a few times.


Xb Engine, witht he front and rear off the engine fixed, swing arm back in.


Xb Engine, tighten the axle and the pinch bolt.


Xb Engine, before you cannot get to it, attach the breather hose from the gearbox.


Xb Engine, engine down again, ready to put some heavy parts back in.