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2-7-2016 XB engine rebuild start, XB tyres change

18-8-2016 - 2-7-2016 Buell XB engine rebuild start, Buell XB tyre change

start rebuilding the xb9 engine 2003, because the counter shaft retainer was on mounted,and big question marks on the rest off the work done, we desiced to strip the whole engine and have a look inside, time to put here back. cleaning the cases for the new sealant

pressing in the 03-05 gearbox in the case, really need to do it upside down, more than ones i noticed the loose rings on the shafts loose there position

gearbox shafts in the jig and case over it pressing the shafts in the bearings

the 03-05 gearbox used a aluminum shifter drum, inspect it for burs and damage

now first put in the shifter forks , and put the slide pins in not in the hole to make room for the shifter drum

shifter drum in

and postion the shifter forks in the slots

now tap the sliding pins in the case

check if everything is moving

notich the pinned cam bushing...

this side off the case cleaned and degreased

neutral switch out

bearings a little assembly lube , gasket on the case and lower the other half over it

last piece off the shifter drum detent put in place , as i could not find my tool :-X for it

loctite on the case bolts

and tighten the case down

case drain plug has also been changed.. i put it back with some hydraulic loctite

countershaft retaining ring and screw mounted , screw come with loctite on it

checking the gears... something is off , looks like the detent is not working

buggerbuggerbugger... detend arm was not out off the way during mounting... note to self... find tool. and use it

made a other one , quick and dirty 

straightened the detent lever, and mounting tool insert to keep it out the way during mounting..

and cases back on, so much easyer .. mounting tool out , the detend springs in place

testing... works like new :-)

quicky tyre change... as these really lost there happy feeling some time ago

pinch bolt loose

needed the breaker bar to loosen the axle

bearings are still good to go.. check these everytime you have the wheel out

new rubber on, and wheel back in a little ramp helps when you have the bike on a paddock stand

rear axle back to tq and tighen the pinch bolt

front tyre has seen better days to , will replace it too

these bearings are at the end off there life.. i feel there gritty when you turn theme by hand

new rubber front. new bearings, fresh lube on the axle .. and ready to go