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2-12-2016 X1 service finish, M2 engine, XB cases

13-12-2016 - 2-12-2016 Buell X1 service and finish, Buell M2 engine inspection, Buell XB cases

On with the rest off the service for the X1 , sparkplugs

has been running rich... and the heat grade is to cold ( sportster plugs )

new plugs check the gap before you put them in

coil back on

and fuel lines back on

setting the tps

and resetting the AFV as this is way off due to the leaking intake seals

and she is running.. nice :-)

after a little heat in here , drain the old oil

while draining, mounting the airfilter

and some new steel screws

and replacing the oil filter

priming the new filter, and i put a long one on.. holds just a bit more oil

tube frame buells , keep the oil level half way on the stick


will treat the bike with some new ones, works so much better

fuel filter back on

turn the ends off the zipties to the rear. looks better

and tps wire in place

cover on..

and fresh brake fluid... looks like it is been in there for a while

little cleaning... and fresh fluid works better in the long run

checking the front end , wheel bearings and steering stem bearings

and some fresh fluid for the front brake

Do yourself a favour, grease the brake pivot and sliding points some times... works better

test ride... gear shift is smooth like new... she is ready for a new trip to the Nordkaap

M2 engine inspection... taking the cylinders off

top engine mount off

and loosening the head bolts

pull off the heads

mnnn ok a little worn... ( bike has done 60000 km )

checking the tappeds , these still look ok

for now the cam cover back on, so the bike will not leak on the floor

support the engine to remove the front head

engine mount bolt loose and out

and front head bolts off

mnnn same / little worse then the rear cylinder

and front piston pin is way to loose and this is the knocking sound that was heard...

a short strap so the engine will hang on its own.. need to discuss the repairs with the customer.. as i don't feel any failure on the crank but with this km done.. smart to do it complete.. would be a waste to repair the top end now, and the crank will fail in 20000 km , and all can be done again

crank in from the machine shop, nice and straight with new big end bearing

needed to replace the case races to on this one, so alined and made to size

i will press in the gearbox , it is not much work.. and we have a nice stand for it

shift forks on the gears... leave theme a little our

to clear the shift drum , now you can locate the shift forks and tap in the slide rods in the case

crank in one half

gear detend tool in, to keep the detent arm out the way during mounting

cases should come together with out a fight... little moving off the mainshaft can help ,

The customer wanted to rebuild this himself, i just put it on for transport ... ziptie the rods so they will not bang on the case

tool out..

and checking the gearbox, if it shifts smootly

ready :-)