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27-1-2016 Buell XB12SS 2009 oil consuption

28-1-2016 - What did we do Today 27-1-2016 Buell XB12SS 2009 oil consuption

very nice XB12SS 09 from a long time customer, brought in for new exhaust and looking for missing horses and way to high oil consuption

little bit off stripping, to have a look under the bonnet

side scoops off tight side

scoop left side off

while we are here loosen the clutch cable

and remove the spark plugs

mnnn nasty...

rear plug cable has been rubbing

as the front one

rear plug out... looks like this is the biggest problem

i first want to do a compression test to see where we are. to do this i unplug the fuel pomp connector

and unplug the coil connector

rear cylinder is down.. 150PSI ( roughly 10 bar )

front one looks better, at 170 psi ( roughly 12 bar )

ok time to see inside , removing all for to remove the cylinder heads

removing the front header nut while the engine is still up

support the weight off the engine

and loosen the front mount,

connectors crank position and side stand loose , and remove the v-brace bolts ( 3x)

unplug the O2 sensor connector


and unplug the rear cylinder head temperature sensor

rotate the engine down, and remove the rear header bolts

and take the header off

intake manifold off

intake gaskets are feeling hard..

mnnnn with the front rocker cover off i notice something strange, the bolts where loose ( not tq to specs ) and the seals have been replaced, but only the other seal is the new model, the inner is still the old model ?

ok further down.. the 2 allen bolts loos on the outsides off the rocker box

and the 3 hex bolts on the inside

little tactical placement , off a rag , on a place i know it will start to leak oil when i loosen the rocker box

defenaly has been off ones before, some non factory markings

top support and coil bracket off

and i first take off the rear cover now

and loosen the inner screws

same story for the gaskets here, only the outer ones are the new model gaskets

pushrods out , if the markings are gone , not to worry there is a lenght differance

head bolts loosened and out

and cylinder heads off, start with the front one, so you have more room for the rear head, looking at the gasket i need to say, the heads have been off as well.. cometic gaskets are used.. i hate to say looks like a old problem but not fixed properly , or even the repair was the cause off the problem

front head looks, not perfect, little oily

rear head is defenaly the oil burner

intake ports are also nasty

exhaust port front, not nice

but rear one is just to much

pulling off the cylinders

mnn.... hone job from hell ? at the top looks like done with sand paper , and to the bottom the crossed pattern is gone

rear is even wurs

on wirst pins out, with a wirst pin puller you don't load the bid end bearings

note to self.... before you take out the c-clip rings.. cover the case holes... lucky i could fish it out the case with a magnet....

as we need to discus with the customer on a repair plan, i make the bike ready to it can roll off the lift , when you mount the v-brace back and use a strap to hold the enigne up it can safely stand on the side stand


piston ring wear... hard to spot some times but iff you know where to look for, you see it right away, these piston rings are gone, the important ones are the 2 compression rings , these ar the ones that causes the oil consuption, how you see when there gone ( or almost gone ) the whole ring is wearing, when these are in good condition only half the ring is wearing , visible by a black line on the 2e ring all around

a better view , as the rings on bought pistons are gone

some more views

as there is a lot off carbon build up on the valves , i remove them , to clean and inspect the guide play

the feel good, not to hardly little play to feel, and sliding very easy

but the seats look bad, no full contact , and carbon build up on the edge, will clean up the valves and seats

valve guide seals feel hard... can be also a cause off the burned oil

the exhaust seat looks bad

hd stock port job... sheess , if you ever wonder why you can add so much power with a head job on a HD, basicly because there bad to start with , i will clean this up some, make the engine run so much nicer