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19-12-2018 XB engine mount M2 service check up

13-6-2019 - What did we do today: 19-12-2018 Buell XB front engine mount, Buell M2 service check up

engine mount like , never noticed it... these buells all vibrate ? ;-)

anyway engine supported and loosen the head bolts

and the front mount bolt 

has been knocking for some time 

head bolts with red loctite 

and the engine mount bolt with neverseas

thighten all to 66 NM

service check up M2. nice rebuild one 

home made oil tank with thick drain hose

for the gearbox oil drain. i remove the exhaust 

nord lock washers used , nice 

drain plug gear box 

loosen the clutch cable adjuster , some neverseas on these one

gearbox oil in 

and adjusting the clutch

not really happy the way the shifter arm is mounted... takes allot off force to shift like this 

this is the recomanded position lever pointing to the bolt on the cover 

loosening the eye led 

to get the lever on the same position —

lock the nut useing the rod to its maximum twist , so bought are the same

better..shifting will be easier 

adjusting the primairy chain .

litte loose on more than 1 point

and changing the spark plugs 

looking good

i will change the cables .. wearing thin 

routing the new plug cables use a little protective material over the bracket 

draining the oil filter , fo replacement 

exhaust back on , needed to remove the springs 

as the rear mounting holes could not be reached, the springs pulled the exhaust in 

nordlock.. washers here again... these will take a little force to loosen to over come the ramps , as these are angles in a way , so it is greater than the pitch of the thread

i did find the bike a little sagged int he rear .. looking at the shock .. yes.. there is almost no preload on the spring.. no wonder the dampening adjustment douse not work 

as i need to turn the adjuster a long way.. lifting the bikes weight , saves allot off trouble and wear on the adjuster nut 

adjuster nut loose

now first clean the threads

and give it a light lube , so the aluminium will not gall

and turning .. turning 

how to you mean bike sits low, the adjuster ring has hit speed bumps

stance is much better now.. not like saggin mule ;-)

direct result is the belt tension is way to loose 

adjusting and checkin the wheel bearings 

oil filling 

time for the front end 

nice stainless bolts.. these are all metric 

size 24 nut of 

i losen the disk bolts 15 mm

losen the caliper bolts

and because i losen the disk... i can take off the caliper in one go, with out the need to take the pads out 

axle out and wheel loose 

front fender loose 

and front fork brace bolts loose 

mnnn.. missing dust seal on the steering head bearing.. not a big issue

and front leg out 

that is 1 

protect the the top cap from scaring 

m2 normaly is not much spring tension on

top cap with adjustment needle 

spring out an draining the oil 

sheees.. looks like the first oil..

setting oil level and ready to be back on 

and left fork back in.. i do these 1 at the time so the head light stays in plac

right leg out... mnnn strange.. closed position is way down in the adjuster

i like the closed position here.. mounted wrong ? we will see

mnn little room ? why douse it not work ? 

ha.. ok the nut was mounted wrong side up, there by not having enough room to mount the top cap correctly

nut the other way around , more than enough room for the top cap to adjust properly 

forks and brace back in 

fender on

caliper on.. and loctite on the bolts 

and disk bolt can be tightened —

drop of loctite for the axle nut —

and tightening the pinch bolts after pressing down the suspention some times

speed healer is needed... speedo is not correct with the mounted pullys 

to set , easy acces is usefull 

so on the battery for now.. when set, it can be hidden

front brake fluid 

put in fresh 

and warming up the bike to check and set the oil level 

veyr nice all black head light mounted