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18-1-2018 continue XB9 engine assembly

27-3-2018 - What did we do today: 18-1-2018 continue Buell XB9 engine assembly

cases ready for sealer

halfs put to getter and 2 temp screws in

detent holder tool can be removed

and now first check the gearbox working... turning the shafts

everything ok.. loctite on the case bolts

and tightening from the center working out

and the big one with nut in the front

new model spocket bearing come with a upgraded washer with a counter sunk edge 

they put markings on it , how to mount 

early engines do not have a groove for the crank seal holder c-clip

crank seal.. prelube the rubber

and knock the seal in 

spacer in 

stator plug.put some silicone on it, to help seal

and some to bed the wires

counter shaft holder plate in , put some loctite on the screw

the squire o-ring on the end drive

you can clean the spacers with some scotch brite as these are hardened.

and the spacer in 

end cap in

oil filter adaptor

clean and put some red loctite on the adaptor

new oilpump gear

pinion gear is only hold on aith a little edge , and the clamping tq off the nut

lock tool in place 

and with some locite 26 Nm and 19 deg .

lifters in with assembly lube

the cams are marked ( XB ) from front to rear 1 to 4 , E is for the series of the cam , the number is the position

lining up , double check 

priming the bigend bearing ( the oil feed is in the cam cover )

different model gaskets.. the old style douse not have a hole here

but that is ok.. for the older model covers

new seal in the cover

and tightening the cover 

the oil return adaptor was loos

this is NPT thread.. cleaning off the old loctite with a fitting die

clean and fresh hydraulic loctite

and the oil pump can be mounted

pushrod covers on

rear engine mount on 

absolute crime to tighten these with normal tools.. cut off allen will fit

plugging the hole , with the speed sensor 

base gaskets on

o joy... my least favorite job... cleaning off paper base gaskets... i know people who just buy new cylinders , so they do not have to do this ;-)

a old tq ring i make clamped in the vice makes a good holding for the cylinder 

1 down ... one to go

honed cylinders... need very good cleaning... starts with soapy watter 

you need to protect this.. right away after cleaning , as the degreased rough surface will corrode on the fly

you need to protect this.. right away after cleaning , as the degreased rough surface will corrode on the fly

a thin oil to protect the bore 

checking the piston pins fitment

typical XB9 piston with the roof... ( or XB12 high compression ;-) ) 

oil ring waver in first

2e compression ring.. is black 

checking the ring gap . pressing the ring down with the piston so to measure flat and even in the bore

1e compression ring has a shiny center 

also check... not often i need to change this.. but always check !! 

piston pin clip 1 side in

upside down and with the mounting tool , light taps to tap the piston in

assembly on the crank

and for now 2 hold down nuts so the cylinder will not bang on the case when we rotate the crank

orientation check ... check 

and checking no 2

the ring caps orientation 180 deg ( or 4 x 90 deg ) 

taking the valves out for new seals 

can do with a little cleaning to

valves cleaned and grinding in to the seat


grinding in the exhaust valve to remove the pitting if possible 

now clean very good.. after valve grinding 

new valve seals.. a drop off oil inside and they are so much easier to mount 

valve compressot on, and keys in place

head on.. head bolts drop of oil on the flats and the threads, so the tq spec will give the correct ( higher ) clamping 

and head no 2 

ready to mount after grinding and cleaning

in 5 steps to the end TQ on the head bolts 

pushrods in

and rocker boxes on.. mount level and slow , so the lifters can bleed some