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7-3-2018 XB9Sx service XB12 belt, RS1200

5-6-2018 - 7-3-2018 Buell XB9Sx service, Buell XB12SCG broken belt , Buell RS1200 check up

very nice XB9SX in for service check

the later Xb9 models this cover was deleted 

stock filter will be replaced by the owner 

draining the gearbox and engine oil 

while draining, check on loose screws

and lube the side stand.. chain lube is perfect 

front spark plug from below

refilling the gearbox oil 

we need to replace the disk and pad.. when it is mounted easy to loosen the pad pin and cap 

all on the same height.. customer also asked to replace the corroded bolts 

yep.. looks better

the oil cooler side is with a nut at the rear

front plug gap set and neverseas on the threads.

betl check.. mnnnn lots off wear cranks 

rear wheel bearings are ok 

but the belt is worn about everywhere tough the top layer 

best to replace this.. this one will leave you stranded

with everything loose, easy.. foot peg bracket off 

and swingarm brace out 

while we are at it, replace the rear disk.. i use a impact for these bolt.. works better, by hand you chew up the bolt heads to fast

the disk problem... it is warped.. losening a few bolts and the disk came up onone side 

yep nice bowl shape.. good for musik , bad for braking

new disk on.. tq the bolt to 35Nm

wheel in, first put the swingarm brace in , than tighen the rear axle.. and fasten the pinch bolt

rear wheel in the air.. check the primairy chain.. and adjust to the tightest spot 

new rear pads on

moving up tot he rear spark plug.. check the cables

typical front cable rubbing marks.. this is still ok 

also check the conenctors for corrosion 

rear plug in , check the point distance ( gap ) these are to narrow out the factory ( box ) 

wobble joint and long extention needed for rear plug

the rear brake light wire was dammaged. it still funtioned , but as it is a 12 v wire better to isolate 

remove the connector

cut the old protective off

and some new heat shrink on 

battery poles.. check.. very common these are loose , ( about all bikes i check ) 

front end check up 

pinch bolts out and axle loose 

wheel bearings are done.. i need to replace these 

front fork out for oil change 

protecting the top caps with electrical tape so the amuninium will not dammage

front bearings replaced.. nice rattler ( grease is about gone ) 

front legs to getter.. and stil look nice

lining up the reflectors 

with fork oil service , i also clean the leg pritty good..

so no brake dust can dammage the seals when you slide the tube to getter 

axle in , nice and greased up

and caliper bolt back on.. drop of loctite 

wheel axle tighened.. set the forks on the axle by pushing down the front a few times 

then tighten the pinch bolts

brake fluid replacement.. nasty stuff 

do not for get rear brake fluid 

checking the settings.. little update 

and airbox cover can be mounted.. transulcent , use the front spacers and foam washers 

warming up and set the oil level 

shw is ready for the season :-)

we need to make this RS1200 ready for the road to 

ok short interuption... flintstone bike 

looks good.. but very exhausting 

pulley cover of, and right footpeg bracket of 

as this bike makes km... i wanna check the wheel bearings.. so remove the caliper 

eehhh.. you need a new tyre to ;-) 

black axle ... 2010 model 

2010 model rear wheel has 3 bearings and dust seals on each side.. on the left side there is a spacer ( XB ) place the spacer back in

new belt on , wheel in half.. now first mount the swingarm brace

cover on and all done

rs1200.. removing the acces panels , as we need to look under there 

battery needs replacement 

going to look at the carb to.. so airfilter off 

sportster stuff..

the original ULY flip seat :-) .. very old chain lube and tough up paint was still in 

these seats where made by Corbin 

yep.. this bike was on disply on the guggenheim years back

removing the flip up tail, and seat section.. electics with connecto

state of the art back than.. anti dive brake system

electrics loose 

alu oil tank

look below the fuel tank.. 2 electrical solinoids for normal and reserve , operated by a switch

old battery is dead 

as the colors to the battery a normaly black.. i keep these wires to getter with tape , as sign this is battery plus 

strap removed 

collorado dirt ;-)

battery in.