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25-7-2015, Uly check up, XB brake fluid change

29-7-2015 - What did we do today 25-7-2015, Uly check up, XB brake fluid change and little things after so many km

Uly check up, customer has done maintenace him self , but asked if i would do some checks and change the front fork oil 

Uly check up, an other thing why i love Ulys , they come with a tool tray smile-emoticon , checking the settings and AFV levels,

Uly check up, as the bike run iregular around 2500-3000 rpm dead give a way for intake seals leaking, as they where

Uly check up,, to little time to day to change the intake seals, but continue with the bearing check , rear wheel out

Uly check up, rear brake caliper off 

Uly check up, mhee. feeling a little gritty, better change these before they break on a holiday trip 

Uly check up, old rear bearings 

Uly check up, custom made Oem big right airscoop on euro model header

Uly check up, bike turned around for the front end check

Uly check up,, axle out

Uly check up, and caliper of

Uly check up, front forks out 

Uly check up,little protection to keep the cap nuts nice

Uly check up,, oil changed ready to go back in

Uly check up, with new front wheel bearings as the fronts where even worse than the rear

Uly check up, wheel back in and caliper back on , old school security, paint dots to check if bolts come loose, no need for loctide is you check it every time you see the bike wink-emoticon

XB brake fluid , seen all across europe and still going strong, some little aging problems to take care off

XB brake fluid , with a 05 engine, never been opened

XB brake fluid , the screws on the reservoir cap where not working any more, drill to make a center 

XB brake fluid , and than a little smaller drill bit carefully drill until the heads come off 

XB brake fluid , take the outer cap off , and normaly you can unscrew the old screws by hand

XB brake fluid , changed the brake fluid ( long overdue ) and new cap scews with a little neverseas

XB brake fluid , old bike problems, ratteling levers and worn pressure points , the brake lever felt like a dead point, little clean up and grease makes things allot better

XB brake fluid , rear brake ratteling, the sliders in the bracket are worn out and the caliper has way to much play

XB brake fluid , re moveing the caliper

XB brake fluid , as the sliding action happens inside the bracket, a new bracket was needed

XB brake fluid , fil hole with lube, and press pin in so you know the lube is every where inside

XB brake fluid , new boot for the pin to hold the grease in and the dirt out , and it is good again for the next 100000 km wink-emoticon

XB brake fluid , rear bake fluid was also over due

XB brake fluid , a other old bike problem, rattely levers , they ware out the pivot hole , i put a new one on , and new pivot pin