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12-10-2016 Uly scoop, 1125 front end, X1 top end

25-10-2016 - 12-10-2016 Ulyssus under seat scoop, 1125 regulator, 1125 front end check, X1 top end , steering head retorq Uly

closing off the top side off the Uly after engine rotation 

airfilter and cover on

we need to mount the fan scoop , will keep the seat and ecm much cooler

so ecm needs to come off 

shock canister loose, and zipties cut off the hose and oil line to the remote adjuster 

you need to take a side rail off to mount this scoop

battery tray screws out

now we have room to place the scoop 

still a pushing and shoving but it will go in 

first the undertray screw back on with the shock canister in place you can not reach it 

breather hose gearbox in the hole

battery tray connected again 

ecm in place, if this ecm bolt and nut gives you problems, please don't mount it like this... because off the scoop it is very hard to get to the nut

uploading the correct fuel mapping for the TQ hammer

my collegue has started witht he top end rebuild X1

Uly is smootzing very nice, but as the wrap is heating up... the smell is terrible, quickly out the door and test ride :-) 

1125Cr test ride... mnnnn never seen this before, dash froze up with voltage spike 

ok 18 + volts is a little to much

Just checking with my Fluke, yep way to much 

overcharging... commenly only 1 problem the regulator, as this one is already 60000 km old and has seen 2 broken stators... it finaly gave up 

2 x M6 nuts to remove it , 1 is easy , the other not so 

a bit off wiggeling and take the old one out

new one goose in the same way

connectors back on 

better, much better now —

the only thing that broke with the voltage spikes, was the head light bulb

so head light out to replace the bulb 

new one in 

the CR head lights rest on the bottum in the holes in the triple t 

and 2 screws ontop

X1 is comming on fine

1125R front end check, this bike did a rol over stoppie... will double check the front 

pinch bolts loose front axle 

front supported and take the axle out 

wheel bearings are ok 

loosen the front fork legs 

pinch bolt loose steering stem 

loosen the nut 

and retorq it , front fork clamps tight again 

wheel back in and tighen the axel 

tighten the caliper 

push the front suspention down a few times to set the forks on the axle

and tighten the pinch bolts 

Uly knock.. in the steering stem , test rinding this bike to log some problems... i hear this everytime i brake :-( ... easy job , the steering head has lost it pretension ,and needs a little retightening 

support the front end and loosen the lower clamp bolts 

pinch bolt loose steering stem

handle bar needs to come off

to get to the steering stem nut,

loosen this and retighten to 55 NM 

handle bars back on and pinch bolt tight 

and fasten the lower clamps again before you remove the front lift