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7-5-2015 1125R service, big service that is.

19-7-2020 - 1125R service, early morning arrival, for a big service, heating up the bike a little to drain the oil



1125R service, as the battery was flat ? after a few days ? parking light ? checking the charging system, 2008 bike, no problems there.



1125R service, big tray to catch the oil left side and right side.



1125R service, fresh filter in.



1125R service, axles can get stuck, needed the breaker bar for this one.



1125R service, rear pads almost gone, will replace these.



1125R service, bearings still ok.



1125R service, rear pads are a little fidely with the clip on the back off the pads, you need to lift theme a little and push theme to the top off the caliper.



1125R service, mounting the other way around pads to the top and catch the sping clip on the piston and push down.



1125R service, starting th strip the bike for engine rotation, coolent fluid is good.



1125R service, time to turn the bike around, easier to work o.



1125R service, dirty paper filter will replace this for a K&n.



1125R service, base plate airfilter off, becarefull with the 2008 models, fuel line connector is plastic, this gets brittle and can break very easy by mishandeling.



1125R service, the 2008 breather hose has a loose collector piece, the 09 are one piece.



1125R service, the easy spark plug , rear coil out.



1125R service, and plug out.



1125R service, time to drop the engine, removing the exhaust.



1125R service, engine / bike supported, stripping the front end.



1125R service, mnnn Elf proto bike.



1125R service, loosen the clutch master cylinder, as the line is not long enough to drop the engine.



1125R service, front end out and pods loosened, bike supported.



1125R service, ready to drop, loosen all engine mount bolts and remove the middle ones.



1125R service, a little flash light in the dark hole helps to see what your doing , loosen the horn / wires.



1125R service, vale cover off.



1125R service, ingition cover plug out ( it will loose oil ) to turn the engine over.



1125R service, checkng valve play, perfect... bought front and rear.



1125R service, you can tell from the plugs they have been running for 20 K, flatted out the center electrode, by spark erosion.



1125R service, valve cover back on , new plug in and check the coil connector it make a good connection and the connector locks.



1125R service, engine back up, retighen all the engine bolts and pich bolts for the sliding mount s.



1125R service, place the horn back and ziptie the cable , before you mount back the left pod , with the pod mounted almost impossible to route the ziptie good.



1125R service, new fork oil , protect the caps with some isolation tape not to damage the aluminium hex.



1125R service, before collaps the forks, check theme, on this one nasty pitting, if you just collaps the forks youcan ruin the oil seal .



1125R service, front end ready to go back in.



1125R service, brake line to the outside !!! off the front leg.



1125R service, exhaust back on, releave the tension in the headers by tapping these before tightening the clamps.



1125R service, top side back to getter.



1125R service brake fluid change.



1125R service, and clutch fluid.



1125R service, and rear off course.



1125R service, running hot, to check the oil level.



1125R service, and reset the service counter in the speedo.