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Buell XB12S stage 1 kit all black mounting

2-4-2019 - 16-10-2018: What did we do today: Mounting a Black stage 1 kit on a Buell XB12Ss

headers back from coating... so rotating the engine down again

early St Nick... unwrapping nice things 

to keep it nice.. front flange can dammage the coating during mounting 

rear flange on and O2 sensor

Header mounted , looking good 

engine up and w-brace mounted.. connecting the side stand and crank sensor 

mnnn one side stand bolt broken 

the other one already bend .. and neverseas on these ? please don't .. loctite and tighten 

lucky break... i could just pinch the end with a sharp plier and being these bolt are geased up by a previeus owner... i could turn the broken of end out

new side stand bolts and chin spoiler bracket 


closing up the airbox after the engine is rotated back up

black TH exhaust.. preping for mounting 

assembled and ready to slip in 

rear straps.. we have made a expention bridge in the straps to compensate for heat expention.. so you can not tighten these to hard :-) 

rear straps losely on , alined the exhaust and tighten the front flange 

tighten the hanger 

and tighten the rear straps. look for the side stand not hitting the straps 

whoop whoop ... nice 

customer also asked to replace some bolts 

foot peg brackets 

fork legs and pich bolts 

losen the cover screws one at the time and put a stainless one in

off course set to TQ 

handle bar.. 

replacing the original indicator relais for one that works with the LED indicators 

smoking , literly , she needs a few heat ups so the coating gets worked in and exhaust to temp.. she is ready for the customer