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What did we do today 11-2-2016 X1 engine noise

16-2-2016 - What did we do today 11-2-2016 X1 engine noise

on with the striping, fuel tank off , rear strap 

cover off 

with the cover off you have better acces to the connector to the fuel pomp 

cut the zipties for the fuel lifter 

a little cap and bolt will prevent the fuel filter to drain, and the bolt to hold the other end 

as we are going to take the heads and cylinders off, making room, remove the coil 

and loosen the top engine mount tie rod

and take off the top brace between the 2 heads

horn off for better acces

and removing the intake manifold left side bolts

and right side bolts with a little wobble joint and balend bit 

take the trottle cables off , the little bracket was a safety recall 

and start removing the rocker covers

as these have been on the bike a long time , the seals will stick.. tapping it with plastic tools will prevent damage 

the hard one to reach , lower rocker cover bolt

take out first the 1/4 bolts before you remove the 5/16 ones 

with the small bolts removed, start loosening the 5/16 bolt evenly 

and take off the rocker box

pushrods out, note the colors, there is a lenght differance

now is the time to support the engine as we are going to remove the front mount 

with the engine lifted a little, loosen the front mount bolts , these felt a little to loose for my taste

and don't like to see these bolts corroded , strange how one will corrode and the other not, front wheel spray ?

with a cheaterbar loosen the cylinder head bolts 

and off with the head... looks good, black but not much carbon build up , 

something , for tthe just in case and keep it clean , tape off the tappeds holes 

bugger, piston rings look good, but noticeble scratches visible 

something is been rubbing , a little to much

but that was not the sound...i heared.. that sound was and is piston pins with way to much play, i can feel the play on the piston , note also the heavy corrorded stud. will take care off this , can make a weak spot 

on one down, rear to come , cover off 

little side job, as i wanted to lubricate the brake lever for the on -/ off feeling , i noticed it was a little bend 

little side job, good thing to check it, as the lever is broken on 1 side 

X1 rear head off

rear cylinder also shows scrathes

as douse the piston, and also way to much piston pin play in the small end bearings 

put some clean rags in the case holes.. before you remove the pistonpin clips.

as we need to contact the customer on the repair, i make the bike ready to be moved off the lift , with ratchet strap i hold up the engine

with a piston pin puller you can get the pins out with out having to stress the connecting rods / big end bearing