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XB belt change, STT TLC, XB clutch cable 1125CR

2-9-2015 - 28-8-2015 XB belt change, STT TLC, XB clutch cable quicky , 1125CR mishap

XB belt change, early morning, customer douse not trust belt no more, long trip ahead

XB belt change, looking at the cracks.. yeah better safe than sorry

XB belt change, so cover off

XB belt change, pinch bolt loose, axle loose

XB belt change, foot peg plate off

XB belt change, and swing arm brace off

XB belt change, new belt on

XB belt change, put back the brace first, foot peg plate back on

XB belt change, and thighten the rear axle... easy job, blind folded and one hand on my back...wink-emoticon

XB belt change, and don't forget the pinch bolt

XB12STT , TLC , fork back on mount the stt protectors... really should be using special primer before spray painting these

XB12STT , TLC, also wheel out

XB12STT , TLC, brace and foot peg plate off

XB12STT , TLC, as the belt is worn , and starts to crack...

XB12STT , TLC, we received the go ahead from the customer to also tackle the low fuel light sensor problem so pinch bolt loose,

XB12STT , TLC, and loosen the swingarm axle

XB12STT , TLC, off course almost full tank... we make some drain lines long ago... testing the fuel pump will let the pump turn for for some time , to drain the fuel tank

XB12STT , TLC, fuel pomp cover bolts off, removing the fuel line

XB12STT , TLC, and unplugging the connector

XB12STT , TLC, pull out the drain plug to drain the last little bit off fuel, remove the mounting screws

XB12STT , TLC, using 1 off the screws and some strong washers, put in the middle to be used as leverage point

XB12STT , TLC, with a plastic piece on the frame , and tyre iron as lever pry out the fuel pomp

XB12STT , TLC and pull the fuel pomp out

XB12STT , TLC, can be needed to loosen the shock bolt to lower the swing arm some more to give the pump some room

XB12STT , TLC, with the swingarm out off the way, pull out the pump

XB12STT , TLC, hmmm ok i think the sensor is still ok.. but the rubbed wire was shorted to ground , happens more often

XB12STT , TLC, so how to test the low light sensor

XB12STT , TLC, filled a little cup with fuel and kept the sensor in the fuel

XB12STT , TLC, and with the normal delay time the light is out

XB12STT , TLC, pulled the sensor out the fuel, and with a little delay (is normal ) the light comes on again... sensor is still ok

XB12STT , TLC, so isolating the wires and protect theme against rubbing

XB12STT , TLC, some new o-rings on

XB12STT , TLC, with a little o-ring mounting grease to protect the o-rings the pump can go back in

XB12STT , TLC, pump back in

XB12STT , TLC, put the screws back in and evenly thighten so the pump will seat fully

XB12STT , TLC, fuel line back on and connector hooked up again

XB12STT , TLC, a little fuel in the tank to test again... works smile-emoticon

XB12STT , TLC, swing arm axle back on and tighten to specs , and fasten the pinch bolt

XB12STT , TLC, new belt on

XB12STT , TLC, and with fresh wheel bearings mount everything back

XB12STT , TLC, top side back on, put the base plate inbetween the rubber

XB12STT , TLC, the exhaust valve solinoid did trough a error code, and will not move anymore

XB12STT , TLC, as the bike is completly stock.. will put a other one in ( we removed so many off these valves ) loosed the outer cable adjuster

XB12STT , TLC, loosen the cable

XB12STT , TLC, and other solinoid back in, testing ok and remvoe the slack on the outer cable again

XB12STT , TLC, covers back on

XB12STT , TLC, and ready to start... runs nice again... the test ride was really nice

XB clutch cable quicky, clutch cable broke... still old model cable with out the teflon lining

XB clutch cable quicky, loosen the tie rod bolt to remove the cable clip

XB clutch cable quicky, remove the shifter bolt

XB clutch cable quicky, and loosen the clutch cable

XB clutch cable quicky, take out the mechanism

XB clutch cable quicky, new o-ring and screw in the new cable.. gently , and adjustd the clutch mechanism again

XB clutch cable quicky, now this is easy, some never seas on the adjuster

XB clutch cable quicky, cable hooked to the lever

XB clutch cable quicky, and adjust the outer cable plsy, thighten the tei rod bolt , and put back a ziptie ...

1125CR mishap, what happens when your engine blocks at 240 km /h ? tyre was slyding for 80 meters and worn trought the tyre

1125CR mishap, dham... the customer is lucky he walked away , not sure what the cause is.. but the startermotor is punched off the engine case... to far gone for repair frown-emoticon